Lune-de-Miel, castle of The Count of Selena (and his Page :-)

  Here is Lune-de-Miel, located at the western end of Selena city.
The higher tower, Lyel's Chambers, is 100 meters high.
A green glass footbridge links it to the Honours Tower, which hosts the Throne Room, guests' lodgings and the Guard's quarters.

North is exactly opposite to the Brass Tower. (Yeah, I know the sun is north on that view :-)
The Wall is heptagonal, and will feature two gates, one on the northern part at the end of the allée with sequoia trees, and another heading south.

There is a little stream crossing the castle, with a lake bathing the foot of Lyel's tower, and gardens "à la française" on the right (east) part of the field.

Back between the Golden and Silver towers are the Stables with horses (surprise?) hay/oat/vegetables stores, and the stable lads/servants lodgings.

A view from the north, with the Sequoia Trees ahead.
Right from the Honours' Tower is the Golden Tower, with apartments for the Count's advisors.

At its left (pink roof, partly hidden) is the Pages and Squires' Tower, with bedrooms, school and training rooms.

The Brass Tower (behind the Golden Tower) hosts the kitchen and food stores, along with lodging for the cooks and their servants, gardeners and other servants.

At the right is the Silver Tower, housing the people administrating Selena's shire.

The pentagone linking the towers hosts training rooms (sword and spear fighting, and general military). The library is between the Pages and Brass tower. There are museum and trophy rooms between Silver and Golden towers.

A bird's eye view.
It shows more of the footbridge, Sequoia Alley, Stables and Lyel's Chambers  

Crossing the footbridge is both confusing and somewhat frightening :-)
There, we are coming from Lyel's Chambers, with the Honours Tower at the end of the path.
Tower at the right is the Golden tower, but the Pages 'tower, symmetrical to the left, reflects over it.
(this view needs to be updated; on this first design, the footbridge was connected to the tower, not its roof)

Looking at the Pentagon from within the Stables.
The round-shapd trees are 6 meters tall  

The Stables paved playground
Here I am caring for Lin, the golden unicorn.
Actually, I should be shorter than this. Lin is 2 meters tall at his withers, and me only 1.55

Middle floor of the stables is for the food stores and tacks, upper is for the lads.

We have a special tower, in the High Hills,
were I practice magic.
At times, it turns to some strange effects…

Scepter Tower

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