Climaxxx #1 Aircel Comics, Apr 1991, colour, Adult.
1 CX 1-1 cover by Barry Blair and Angel de Mioche
STORY: Following instructions from Skippy Finkelstien, Dr. Stradivarius transformed Kim Keen (AKA Kiki) into a super powered sex kitten. Calling herself Climaxxx, she set off on her first mission to prevent greedy Dick Spikebarn from destroying Skippy Finklestien's waterside warehouse. Other characters and events: NYC: Chuck and Tim try to rob Pier 13. Chuck has his shirt ride up with wear. Dick's steroid pumped secretory, red headed Bubbles wears leather. In the lab portion of Finkelstien's building, red headed Val talks with a brown haired man, a lab assistant about how Prof. Rasputin is overworking her. The brown haired guy blames Finkelstien. He won't hire a permanent secretory. Bao called the temps for a typist. Bao is a black haired Oriental computer guy. The guy with brown hair is Jeremy. The agency sent Kim Keen˝Kiki˝to them for Uncle Wiggely's birthday party. Rasputin and Dr. Stradivarius are looking for the women to use on their new experiment: Gwen Weaver˝˝PHd and Science Major at Cal Tech. Enjoys gymnastics and hang gliding. Mary Thomas˝˝15 languages, taught advanced mathematics to Russian cosmonauts, fishing and tennis, Gloria Aberdeen˝Berkley Institute of Fine Arts and gold medal for swimming. Excelled at Mt. Climbing and horseback riding. Val, Bao, and Jeremy stick their tongues out as Skip picks Kiki and shows her where to put her clothes. They also later warn her that invulnerability is not one of her powers as she baits the two crooks, Tim and Chuck, to shoot her! Jeremy thinks he is shot. She can levitate. Back in time: something is wrong with the experiment: pink tentacles with holes like penises go into Kiki and she has a wire attached to her right nipple. She destroys the machine. Climaxx saves her three friends from the crooks. She like to shop.