Climaxxx #2 Aircel, May 1991, colour, Adult.
1 CX 1-2 cover Climaxxx escapes from Dick Spikebarn's trap just in time to save a helpless citizen from being harmed by a deadly street gang. To show his appreciation, the would be victim gives Climaxxx a little poontang and solves her energy depletion problem in the process. IN DEPTH: Dick employed Tim and Chuck to burn the warehouse. Bubbles, now with dark purple hair, stands on Dick's back to help it feel better. Later, Dick's dog goes pee on Bubbles. The puppy was put in danger so Climaxxx would save him. Naked, she also flies down to a bunch of kids beating a noble bum. One is Mike, with blond hair. The victim shows his appreciation for her by cumming with her and giving her back her energy, which was depleted. Bubbles tries to capture Climaxxx when she returns for the puppy but she flies away diverting Bubbles by telling her Dick fell near a bridge. The puppy wets no Prof. Rasputin. Bao, Jeremy, and Val try to stop Finkelstien when he has sex with Climaxxx and she seems to have unknowingly burnt off his cock! Jeremy asks Boa if he wants to make an organ donation. Bao says, "Fuck you!" Kiko wonders to her pup why men are so temperamental. Someone has found her headquarters.