Climaxxx #3 Aircel, Jun 1991, colour, Adult.
1 CX 1-3 cover Disguising herself, Climaxxx goes to Puppy Paradise at the local mall. But she runs into Dick Spikebarn and all hell breaks loose. Meanwhile, Skippy Finkelstein gets a new and improved appendage. Things go well until he achieves ramming speed with Climaxxx. IN DEPTH: Finkelstien orders Rasputin to make him a cock replacement that can withstand the worst Kiki can do and make her beg for more. If not, it will be transplants...starting with Rasputin, who yells at Kiki to get the dogs off the sleeping Skip. One pup pees on him. Rasputin uses sarcasm on Kiki, telling her he was talking to Santa Claus, not her, to which she asks, "Oh, is he here?!?" He rolls his eyes. Kiki has lots of dogs and goes to Gargana Mall to buy them a whole new kennel. An hour later and 30 changes in disguises, Kiki is ready to go. Bao looks very young and it was his suggestion to send Kiki to the mall. A red headed girl is dusting in the lab and Kiki's room. She is really Chuck. The boss, Dick, is a vacuum cleaner or is in a vacuum cleaner. Dick asks Bubbles, now wearing Oriental outfits and head chop sticks, to get the Dick Mobile. Skip wakes up with a giant penis of unnatural color˝˝almost metallic. He likes it and has ramming speed (red button), a switch to make it go down. Kiki thinks Dicky is a pooper scooper. By accident, he and Bubbles go out a window and fall int water. A Mall Security Guard likes Kiki and they have sex. A crowd around Puppy Palace watches them. A big bald guy (Bubba) in leather gets the female impersonator Chuck into the janitor's closet. On the back of his jacket is a skull. He would never hurt her but wants to get acquainted. The policeman recovers from Kiki. On a roof, lightning hits Skippy and frizzes Kiki's hair. Bubbles steal a blanket from a bum. The bald man tells Chuck that he was full of surprises, calling him a little male box and that it was just like being back in prison and those hot, steamy nights in lock up. His mom and pop are brother and sister! Rasputin tells Skippy that he can give him steal balls like the guy from Krypton.