Climaxxx #4 Aircel, Jul 1991, colour, Adult.
1 CX 1-3 cover STORY: Climaxxx faces off mechanical menŮmonsters and a man dressed as a Doggie. She also gets a new financial advisor called Ronald Lump when Skippy loses his financial empire. Lump wants him to invest in casinos. Last issue? IN DEPTH: Climaxxx is made into a balloon in the parade. Bao warns that Spikebarn is attacking as Garbage Truck and tells Finkelstien who is now metallic Pig Iron. Kiki takes off to save the balloon handlers. They are dressed like puppies. Finkelstien says, "Alright! It's time for a real super hero to take charge." Bao rolls his eyes, "Oh brother!" He has on a red sleeved shirt and gray pants.