Demon Hunter #1 Aircel Comics, Feb 1989, b&w.
1 DH 1-1 cover Creator/writer/illustrator Barry Blair. Inker Dave Cooper.
A small village somewhere in the Middle East. Two Service agents are looking for Zak Hunter "Demonhunter," they have a job to be done. Local nasties just found him. They are from the Eye of the Demon order, and are sent to kill him, for he wqas once of the order. Zak quickly gets rid of the foes, and is met by the agents, old "friends" of him. One actually helped him get out of the sect long ago. Back at his hotel, Zak finds a demon under his bed, there to finish him. There is a great fight in the hotel, and Zak is thrown out of a window. there he finds his friends, and use their jeep to crash the monster against a wall.
Zak eventually agrees to do Miller's assignment, but this one will have to pay the hotel bill...