Demon Hunter #2 Aircel, Apr 1989, b&w.
1 DH 1-2 cover Zak is closing the Russian border, near Mongolia, with help from local authorities. They are to find why a number of viullafes have been destroyed. Zak is to meet a guide, but finds only a child. The Demon Wind destroyed his village and he is the only survivor. He will guide Zak. Suddenly mortars bombs around: they are attacked by other villagers, who thought they could be responsible for the slaughter around.
Oddly, the attack ends. Investigating, they find the villagers were killed by something which was even able to claw through rocks.
Local authorities leave Zak alone with his oung guide and a girl he found in the villagers' party. They shelter in a half-burnt village.

Backup story : Team Nippon preview