Demon Hunter #4 Aircel, Jun 1989, b&w.
1 DH 1-4 cover Writer/Illustrator/Letterer: J.W. Somerville
ZAk has been caught by the sect, and his tied upon a sacrificial stone. The Great Demon is conjured, and comes in to do the kill. Meanwhile, Miller and friends, guided by Peanut, are approaching the temple. They come in just in time, and shoot every mad monk in sight. Peanut unties Zak from the altar, so he can share the fun. When everything looks over, the demon is still unharmed, and Peanut disappeared. "mmm... Tasty" says the demon, licking his bloody lips.
Zak goes mad, but the demon is bullet-proof. However, a pack of hosphorous grenades have him burn nicely.