Hardkorr #1 Aircel Comics, Jun 1991, b&w, Adult.
1 HK 1-1 cover All Hardkorr issues by Barry Blair.

There are a few explicit adult situations in this series, but they are not (at all) the main course.
It was a world that man and nature had savaged, Cinnibar and it was always hot. Korr's grimness has unsettled the half naked servants of Princess Ravaine as he and his warrior friends, monks, take her toward her betrothed Lord's castle. The princess and her servants, some just boys it seems, drinking and partying, ride atop a huge dino like creature in an open compartment. One servant has a nose ring. A smaller warrior, Korr's friend, Urgi, has hair tied up and a series of straps for an outfit, straps which barely hold a cover over his crotch. Nagai, another warrior, closer in size to Korr's muscularity and stature, goes not like this route. Korr tells Urgi he should have studied the scrolls more often. This marriage will unite the clans, the princess becoming married to one of the Tiger Clan. Ravaine's father, the Baron, wished a small entourage. The Baron calls Korr a monk. Urgi tells Korr to tell the other to quiet down but as his back is turned, a spear sails into it. The spear goes into Urgi's upper back and slants out his lower chest. Korr yells, "No!" Flying creatures come down with zombie goblin men on them. They attack everyone. A naked servant gets a spear into his back and shrugs in pain, his eyes closing. Another naked bald boy holds his body. A half naked warrior plunges a knife into a fallen foe. One of the warriors (Korr?) says to the princess, "Damn it, bitch! Don't hold my arm!!" Nagai warns Korr about monster men behind him but two swords are stuck into his back and out his chest, above his right nipple and middle of his chest. The battle over, only Korr, thrown clear, and the Princess survive. One of Korr's men survived but is dying from his wounds. He has a gun with only one bullet given to him by his father. He shoots himself, telling Korr to avenge this and that the princess was alive and taken east toward the Dragon Clan's domain. The caravan had been wiped out. Some died like warriors (one smaller warrior looking like Urgi has a spear in his belly button a ring of metal surrounding it from his minimal uniform. There are two more spears sticking in him: one in his upper chest, one in his lower chest, upper stomach. Some did not die like warriors. Two bald servant boys of the princess are tied with their hands over his heads to a rock. One's eyes have been cut out or stabbed in, they are totally naked. Both are dead. The Xerian temple was filled with Monks who were said to be magic, possessing secrets handed down through generations, secrets and powers born in the stars. Korr learned from them of honor. He learned how to stop the flow of blood from his wounds and ignore hunger, fever, and fatigue. A naked woman comes to Korr but it is a monster lizard thing. An almost totally naked cat boy fights with it and kills it. Korr has passed out. Crater Lands were flat and foreboding, the Eastern Lands were cold. Baron Ominar has the Princess and they love each other. The Baron, wearing only an open robe, tells the page boy to guard the door, telling the Princess, "If the little bastard saw, I'll have his eyes put out!" He talks to another page boy, both with Prince Valiant hair cuts. The new boy says, "It's so romantic." The other one knows this will cause a war. Korr wakes up tied in three places, prisoner of two hag sisters, witches. The cat boy delivered Korr to them for a price. The cat boy leaves, saying, "Luck to you, big oaf!" Korr's bonds be magic, the witches tell him. He breaks them. The witches tell him the cat thing must have his weapons. The cat boy plans to sell this junk to the next caravan. Korr arrives, "Tell me, Puss, do you think you have nine lives?" Puss says, "Oaf...I was just coming to rescue you. Me help you put on nice junk. You look good in no time." Korr tells him to get away from him. Puss likes him and wants to help him. Korr tells him to go away and not to follow him. Puss follows.