Hardkorr #2 Aircel, Jul 1991, b&w, Adult.
1 HK 1-2 cover Korr wanders the desert thinking of legends and fairy tales--he thinks they are anyway--a long time ago, according to the warrior monks, the air was pure and clean, there were green meadows, rain use to bring water from the sky, causing things to grow. The four great tribes thrived and prospered and lived for centuries of peace. What would the tribes think of today: four royal families who huddle at distant compass points, jealousy guarding all that is there is...what little there is. Korr knows Puss is with him. Puss says, "I like you, big man." Puss lives in the desert. He has weapons and does not fear what danger lurks ahead. Someone calls for help. They run to the area. A big, hairy faced warrior in thong and belt with shoulder pads and a shirtless long hair warrior, big and also old looking but not as old as the first one, attack a female named Leonia and her master. The hairy one, Krolid, stabs the master through the stomach, dripping blood and guts out his back. The master tells her he must tell her something but a booted foot kicks out his eye. Korr fights Krolid while Puss puts an arrow through the back of the other one's head and out his mouth. The man turns and Puss puts another arrow in him--through his eye. Puss runs at him and runs his sword through the top of the dying rapist's head and then reaches around front and shoves his sword into the man's mouth. Krolid will rip that little prick in half after he kills Korr, he brags. He also gets a good hit at Korr but Korr knees him in the stomach, and then swipes across the rapist's body, then beheads him. Intense cloud cover moves over the desert with a ruddy glow that illuminates the sky from the red sun. At night, no stars can be seen, just black. Baron Oris Tice was in a cave. A place of evil where one other who knows of his daughter Ravaine is where he is. Three robed and hooded entities stop him, their eyes glowing, their faces unseen (if they have faces). He tells the three that Ominar has taken his daughter. One asks if the Breeder has seduced him yet. Baron tells them to be careful, "She is my daughter." Baron has spies who tell them it is so. He knows what they want, they are not concerned with petty wars. They call the Baron Oris Tice, "...human." This implies they are not. Prince Valimar fights Baron Ominar's forces at Ominar's fortress. Ominar tells a page to guard the door as he will go off and join his forces after delighting in the Princess' services. Outside her room, the two page boys talk. One tells the other he was right about the war, calling the other stupid. Ravaine calls the page boy into her room. Leonia asks if Korr and Puss always help people. Puss, who is sowing Korr's wound, sticks his tongue out in working, "He does. I usually get em' in trouble." The old priest and she were looking for something that was vital to the existence of their world. The priest knew alot about the stones of power the families own and about ancient history. Korr closes his eyes, sad that the old man died for some ancient belief, too many people lived in the past. Ravaine has the page boy's outfit on, the naked boy tied to a pole of her bed. The boy is gagged, his wrists tied around the pole as are his ankles. Long blond Owin tells his Prince Valimar, another blond, both in capes, that they are losing men foolishly. Ravaine comes out, proud that he would save her life. Valimar tells her, "You save mine every time I look at you." Behind his back, she smiles maliciously. Beneath the Earth, the trio of strange entity robes are happy their plan is working, not sure at first that the Earth worms could be trusted. Another feels soon they can finish their mission with their companions who wait for them, asleep...so far away...a spaceship in outer space (original design and looking very strange and alien!)!