Hardkorr #3 Aircel, Aug 1991, b&w, Adult.
1 HK 1-3 cover Ravaine remains with Talimar, soaking in the power stone that is with him. She wants to be queen of a new world. Puss, Korr, and Leonia stand in front of smoke coming from a castle. Puss asks, "What that smoke?" When Korr explains, Puss says, "I not understand." Baron Ominar's fortress burns. Leonia sees Korr's pendant and goes a bit nuts, realizing that it is the core of something. Puss says, "Korr! Lookie!!" A flying saucer that looks like it came from the 1950s classic EARTH VS. THE FLYING SAUCERS attacks them, chasing Puss. Leonia stands out, the prophecy is nigh, she claims. The Sky Dwellers are returning and Korr is the key. The Sky Dwellers burn her down. Puss jumps on the ship and fires an arrow into it, causing a crack. He falls off. Baron Oris Tice comes into the bedroom of Valimar and Ravaine as they have sex together. Three aliens with hoods are with him. Ravaine has the Ominar stone for her father and the other one is where she shows him. Valimar calls Oris an old bastard and as he tries to do something about this, the aliens blast him into a fried skeleton. One more stone and they will own the planet. Oris takes Ravaine and the three aliens and they go into a small flier saucer. Morning: alien Ballrek is dead, the creature's (Puss) arrow killed him. The aliens have three fingers. Tellek wonders how harsh and horrible the planet is. The other one claims it was not always so. The meteor that crippled their spaceship killed this world somewhat. The salvation is that the crystals the world can be kept alive. Once the aliens have the crystals, the world will be only a memory but after they finish with it first. Korr chops one alien's head in half, "You want to destroy the world shit head, start with me." Another alien pulls a gun, "Very well." Puss jumps at and saves Korr, saying, "Korr got big mouth!" The aliens cannot fry the component on Korr. Korr goes around a rock and attacks another alien, making him drop his gun. He punches the alien's eyes out, there seems to be little else. Another alien has his gun on Puss's head. Korr tosses the pendant to him. The alien makes Puss pick it up, calling him wart. As Puss bends down, there is a sound of a slice. Puss looks shocked. Korr's blade has struck. The alien's head slides off his body, "Oh." Units have reported in--3 of the stones have been accounted for. The alien leader talks to two aliens--he is a monstrous face. They will reward the (to them alien) female human with a husband.