Hardkorr #4 Aircel, Sep 1991, b&w, Adult.
1 HK 1-4 cover Korr and Puss fly in an open saucer, stolen from the aliens they killed. They fly toward the Temple of the Wind, the last place that has a crystal that hasn't been stolen. Korr tells of the past: rivers ran above ground instead of below, plants grew, there was peace. Then a cataclysm happened. Some say gods from the sky came and gave gifts, the power stones scattered about the earth. The four were taken and used as totems of power. The four tribes began. Puss doesn't like the quiet and the place. Korr says, "Don't be such a fraidie cat." Puss says, "I not happy here." They land and Korr says, "I need that feline sense of yours." He wants to Puss to go with him. Puss says, "Ha! Now he need me." They go into the place. Puss says, "Nobody home. Let's go way." They see dead bodies, warm, killed recently. Puss's sense go off. Three three fingered robed aliens with knives (?) jump at them. One tries to pull the key off Korr but Korr punches his face. One gets it, pushing Korr's face down to the ground, then yelling he has it, "Master! Master! I have it! I have it! Oook!" A knife has been thrown into the back of his head and out his forehead, blood dripping. Korr tells Puss, "Good shot, Puss." Puss says, "Tankie tank." He holds the key. Korr fights three left over aliens. Ravaine says, "Enough, Korr." She and three more aliens are on a rocky ridge above them. She wants to rule a garden of beauty with the aliens' help. Oris Tice makes it known he is in on this too and takes the core with Ravaine toward the roof. On the roof the four power stones are together, looking like four giant carrots. The four power cells were ripped from the alien spaceship's engines and scattered them about the planet. It took life times to repair the mother ship. Probes were sent to the planet to search for the power crystals. Ravaine wants to be rewarded...the only one...she kicks her father off the roof ridge to his death. With the crystals, the aliens will regenerate the mother ship to proceed with their mission: the harvesting of the planet. Puss asks, "What to harvest? All is dead." They want the core of the planet, hidden energy, which will leave this dust bowl a mass of shale. Korr punches the alien's face in. The aliens are gone. Korr and Puss run but not away. Naked, Ravaine stands on the rock, calling herself a goddess. She will want a king. The alien tells her that she can keep her life since she helped them but the other "worms" will not be allowed to live. She will be their pet. When Korr and Puss reach them, Korr asks, "Who dies first?" Ravaine yells, "Korr! Save me! I'm your princess, I command you!" Puss says, "Kill HER first!" Puss shows his teeth and attacks the aliens with claws as they attack. Ravine pleads with Korr, touching his shoulder, "Oh Korr! Please take me away with you! I've always loved you!" Korr pushes her, "Get off, bitch!" She falls into the center of the powerstones and is blasted to atoms. Korr and Puss are shocked. The mother ship booms into a blast. Puss says, "Korr, the sky is clearing." It is raining in the distance. The world's been given another chance. "Looks like Ravaine saved our Earth."