Nocturne #1 Aircel Comics, Jun 1991, b&w.
  NC 1-1 cover What is life but a testing ground for angels? Fear is the key. A set of packages that looks arranged to be a body is to be covered up. A person has been cut up and each piece has been packages and individually wrapped. Skinny glass wearing Murphy and Sarge have been looking for three months for the killer who has been plaguing Manhattan. The killer is insane: wondering why the bastards put dirt on snow roads and knowing that Doris never understood why they had to stop going skiing. Doris tried so hard to see through his eyes. The killer lives underground, afraid of and hiding from the spiders which look like blood spots on the walls. He wants to save the world. He hates those living in their nine to five day to day world and calls them assholes. He coughs and gets sick, thinking there are things (spiders) inside of him. He is their servant and he gives them what they want: blood. Humans, even violent humans, have a built in hindrance and aversion to savagery, whereas the killer revels in it. He kills two men that try to rob him, knifing them with their own weapons. He also breaks one's jaw. Murphy, Sarge, and another (a smiling mustached type) find a dead body of a girl, who died around the time the murders started. Mice and maggots have gotten to the body. Sarge tells them he's seen pizza before. On the wall is the spider pattern that the killer uses to draw in blood by his victims. Spiders from hell. Murphy feels he wants to barf. They find a suicide note from Doris Howe before she shot herself in the head. They find a telephone message from the killer on the phone machine. The killer is using his Chi inside him to drive him on to more murders. He calls her once a week at least. He feels there are millions of spiders within him. The figure walks to a body, a man with a hacked head. A young boy with a head kerchief, a leather jacket, denim pants, boots, gloves. He finds a message on the wall near the spider design, both in blood: DON'T FOLLOW ME. The boy will follow. The killer is wounded, knifed by the two men he just killed. The killer wants to clean himself and stop breathing in pollution. Packrat, a young long haired kid with a backpack has a toy teddy bear in it. He is with his pal Firefly. Firefly has on a tank top, tight fitting denim pants like his buddy, a bandanna tied at back, and long hair, darker than his pal's. Packrat tells him, "Let's go back to the tribe and tell them. They can send Jethel." Firefly jumps down, wanting a closer look. Sarge has the girl's place staked out, the phone tapped and traced. The calls came from a phone booth at a subway station. The killer is a John Doe. Sarge is gonna nail his ass. Murphy tells him two more bodies have turned up in the tunnels. The killer washes his hands in a pail, feeling it is acid (is it?). The two boys, Packrat and Firefly, watch him. He thinks they are rats and turns, his mouth opening, rotted teeth showing. He eats rats. The boys run. The other boy, Jethel, stomps down onto the killer's face. Jethel is here to destroy him, he has preyed on Jethel's people. The killer plows into Jethel and they fight. Killer pushes Jethel into a wall and chokes him up it. Sarge and Murphy arrive. A face, Sarge's (?) or the killer's says, "Shoot!" A spider closes the page.
  Nocturne #2 Aircel, Jul 1991, b&w.
  NC 1-2 cover Reprints NC 1-1 and adds the #2 story.
The killer recalls Doris shooting herself in her mouth while listening to music. The bullet hole on the wall made a spider design with Doris's blood. A summer rain is over and the streets are cool. It makes the night sparkle. He goes to the subway. He sees a bag lady who he thinks is one of their spies. He stabs her in her back and out her chest. He stabs seven times. A man and woman see the bad lady with the knife through her and scream. The killer runs away. The answer is in the blood. The people want to get home and wonder what idiot closed the station. The sixth murder this month, Firefly tells Packrat. Packrat's shirt looks more short cut in this issue, perhaps because in last issue he was seen kneeling down or bending over. He also has on an ear ring in his right ear. Little metal pieces hang from Firefly's head band. Packrat is also wearing very short denim shorts. Firefly has on boots and a rip in his denim pants. Packrat has a rag tied above his left knee. There are 30 thousand cops and over a million homeless. Sarge tells Murphy they cannot flush them out of the subway tunnels. They are not ready for a war. The killer is at a psychiatrist's office. He recalls Doris's death. In a forgotten tunnel, Arrow, a dreadlocked man and a girl Rayne, wonder if they should leave. Rayne worries about the children. None of them are fighters. Only one is: the Wraith as Rayne calls him: Jethell is his name. He lives down here as their protector, alone. There are kids outside a drain that wave to them, a blond and a kid with a jacket with no sleeves but a jacket under that. And another with her or his back to them. The little one waving is blond. Arrow has seen Jethell only once and he seems to know when the tunnel people need him. Jethell has a rip on his sleeve, a very short cut shirt, boots, and wrist ropes around both wrists. His denim pants have a rip in each knee. Something not human has effected a human making him into something unnatural, Jethell figures. The evil flows from a lab cellar where careless people work. The killer reaches up with his knife, yelling, "Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill!" Jethell hears it and runs toward it. A crazy with a knife zaps a victim on a platform, has killed six with no motive. Sarge feels he has shit. The killer takes out a handle with a curved blade on it (like the one Jethel has on the cover of this issue). The killer chases a subway rider down and thinks he is their spy. He cuts across his nose and eye, cutting the eye in half. The killer keeps hacking across the man's face. Jethell is there. The man's face is half now, his leg is off at the ankle, his arm severed at the upper arm. Jethel kicks the killer in the eye as the killer rushes at him. The killer gets his knife into and out of the right leg of Jethel, who falls. Jethel pulls it out and uses it to stab the man in the crotch and out his very lower back. Blood and slime drip on the boy from the killer. The killer runs off the subwa platform. Jethel looks as if he wanted to stop him and save him (or did he push him?). The electric lines zap the killer to a skeleton. Jethel walks off. Arrow is there. Jethel asks Arrow to get him home. It is supposed to be over. Someone with a curved knife and a handle on it, has just stuck the chest of a long haired blond man, ripping it open as well as the shirt. On the wall, the killer draws a spider shape but the middle is all filled in. Spiders from hell. He is reborn.
  Nocturne #3 Aircel, Aug 1991, b&w.
  NC 1-3 cover Sarge orders Murphy to shoot. The killer jumps off the tracks. Murphy goes after him, Sarge calling Murphy kid again. Sarge cannot find the victim: Jethel, who is hurt very badly in his side. He stands against a wall somewhere, angry that the police interfered, "Damn them." He feels his left side, "Oh shit...I knew he got's deep but I can't stop now. I must continue. I've got to get that maniac even if it means I'm his last victim." The killer tells himself the cops and he are on the same side. He has so many wounds and is afraid the spiders will get out. Murphy knows he hit him and thinks the killer must be on drugs. He almost shoots Sarge in the eye. Sarge says, "Murph...? Your sister made me get you on the force. Don't make me go home and punch her in the mouth." The killer misses Doris. He is confronted by Jethel, "Monster! I've found you!" The killer calls him a bastard, "No, you bastard! Doris and I have found you!" He rushes Jethel against the wall. His wounds make him weak but the killer knows his wounds make him strong. Strong enough to finish you vile scum hunting me. He is on a mission to clean up pigs like Jethel. Feed the spiders. For Doris. He has to die, to be ripped apart. Let the spiders out. To help clean, the killer says, "I want to bathe in your blood!" As the killer thinks this, he raises his curved blade over Jethel's prone figure and stabs down once, twice, three, four times. Jethel is down. Sarge tells Murphy to get his blasted gun ready and not to shoot him with it. They find Jethel torn apart: head with bandanna, upper leg and lower attached to each other but not to anything else, an upper arm, a leg off, and an upper body with only an arm. The eyes are still open on the cut off head. The killer wonders if he should call Doris before going home. He goes out a sewer cover. Murph fires at him and hits him. The killer throws the knife into Murphy's fore head. He drops the gun and falls into Sarge's arms. "Murphy!" The Sarge comes out of the sewer cap. The killer's foot is off due to his crawling with the gunshot wound. He is getting weaker. Sarge finds his foot. The killer finds interference in his apartment, yellow tape, "Well, the mayor will hear of this." He goes in. He calls for soap. When the killer looks into the mirror he sees his face, no tooth, a monster face, "Shit! My face! I've become one of them!!" Sarge points his gun, "Don't worry, you won't be one for long!" The killer jumps him when the gun won't fire. They fall halfway down the steps, the killer banging Sarge's head onto a step. The killer looks as though he's been fried. He recalls, "Doris is dead. She killed herself because of me...because of what an asshole I am." He drove her to it, not the spiders. He wishes he were dead and throws himself down the steps. Sarge gets up and attacks him again, again calling him a bastard. He smashes the killer's face down, "You wanna die?!? Good!" He smashes the killer's face down over and over, knowing he was trying to track this killer, figure him out, there was nothing to figure, he was a disease, a sickness who deserves to die. "Hear me...Die! Die! Die!!" The Sarge has blood on his face. Something says, "I've been set free. I've got a rid the city of scum like this! It's more than a job. It's my life. The spiders will help me...spiders from hell...!" When he gets up, the Sarge looks more and more like the killer he just murdered.

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