Dragonring #2 Aircel, 1986, b&w.
2 Dragonring2-2 cover By Guang Yap, additional pencils: Barry Blair.
Kohl goes to visit his friend Mr. Player the antiquarian. Kohl's problem: the ring which the old man gave him has stuck to his finger as if it were grafted! Mr. Player has never seen anything like it but suggests that Kohl visit a man in India. Meanwhile Player's villainous new assistant is telephoning his mysterious "boss" that the DragonRing has been located!
Yué and Alex are getting into trouble as usual. Yué has a bunch of roman candles and wants to set them off but cannot get any of his pals to join in--this being too evil for even the street urchins of Hong Kong to participate in! So Alex and Yué skateboard off alone through a deserted building. Here they are surprised by a ghastly monster which almost catches Alex until Yué distracts it and throws the lighted roman candles into it's gaping maw. This causes the monster to forget about eating for a while! Eight pages of skateboarding and monster-fooling fun!
Next day Kohl's junk is sailing the high seas for India. All goes well until they enter a dense fog bank and subsequently crash onto an uncharted reef.
Artwork in the same style as number 1. The scenes with Yué and Alex are quite well done. The front cover gives a cute view of Yué and Alex skateboarding in the abandoned building, as seen from inside the monster's jaws. One of the best covers of the series.
TO THE MISTS OF TIME˝A creature steps on a cat named Shasha in an alley in Hong Kong. Then it eats the owner, Doris, attracted by a ring she is wearing as an ear ring. The man with her is probably killed also. Zeek gets a newspaper for Miles and returns to him, telling him something about a little red haired girl (Pippi Longstockings?). Drake goes to a pawn shop where a new man who looks like the devil calls in Mr. Bob Player who looks like Peter Cushing. The ring is stuck on Drake's hand. Before there were no designs on the ring at all but now there are strange designs and the ring seems grafted onto his finger. The demon faced man calls someone about the dragonring. Drake is angry at the ring because he has to leave Mai˝Ling and it seems more important than she. Miles, on the junk, complains about Alex staying with them. Drake tells him they are going to India. At a condemned building that is due to be demolished the next day, Yue and Alex fraternize with other boys. Yue has four roman candles. A boy's rear still hurts from the last time Yue shot off candles. Six other boys leave. Alex tells Yue he cannot skateboard as fast as Yue can. Yue fantasizes about being the incredible super powered ninja skateboarder from Mars. Alex just started skating yesterday. A wolf eared hairy giant monster˝man with claws attacks them. Yue distracts it from Alex and when cornered he prays, telling God he will not take Mrs. Chu's moon cakes and will stop insulting Miles. He puts the Roman Candles in the monster's mouth and blows it up. Yue thinks it is still alive. Miles, the next day at sea, doesn't believe Yue's tale. Yue tells him to shut up and calls him an old smelly fart. Miles tells him someday he is gonna buy a brassiere for those two t˝˝˝a fog appears out of nowhere. Miles asks Yue to bring up the pencil beam lamp. The ship hits some kind of reef, even though none are supposed to be in the area. They think the boat is sinking.