Dragonring #3 Aircel, 1986, b&w.
1 Dragonring2-3 cover By Guang Yap, additional pencils: Barry Blair.

STORM WARNINGˇCHAPTER 1: Kohl finds Yue and Alex on the beach. Yue cries because all of his toys are gone. Paraguay: a speedster car speeds to a large mansion that has near naked statues in front. Inside, the driver reports to a hooded figure with glowing eyes. Somewhere through endless eons and uncounted dimensions is an island where our heroes are. Yue and Alex's shirts have been ripped short cut. The trio are attacked by a Godzilla like dinosaur creature with four arms. Drake tells the boys to run but they find they are at a dead end cliffside. Natives shoot arrows into the monster and capture the trio with spears. Atop a mountain, the leader tells them they are the peaceful tribe of MahˇGnail on the island of madness. To know if Drake's intentions are good, Drake must submit to the contest of crossed logsˇˇusing staffs to fight, shirtless, against a big native over water. Drake wins after a long struggle.

CHAPTER 2: Some of the newcomers had tried to sail through the mist but ended up on the other side of the island. An evil Underlord rules the Dark Valley, lives in a castle, cannot exist in the daylight, and might hold the key to Drake getting home but no one has ever seen him. A servant (a bald lady?) brings the head of a dino baby for Yue and Lee to eat but they balk (Yue putting his fingers in his mouth). Night as a moon rises: Alex, Lee, and a native sleep, shirtless. Drake thinks. In their shorts, Yue and Alex bathe in the lake near a waterfall. Yue thinks it is cold but Alex doesn't. A native boyˇˇBakitaˇˇtells Yue the water is from the mountain god, Rek Khan. Yue and Alex are later dressed in native costumes which make Alex feel ridiculous but Yue thinks are neat. They looks like spotted panthers or lions. Ten of the warriors will accompany Drake and the boys. From the Elders, the leader gives Kohl a map of the castle. A skull faced, fanged entity with one good eye, watches them in a ball. The Elders were once his slaves and built their castle. The being thinks they wish to use crystals which control the mists of time but promises they will not use such. Page 31 has a SAMURAI collage; front cover is shirtless Kohl.
  back story first page Backup story: "The Treasure of the Cristabell"
Miles tells this story that back in 1947, Jack told him the treasure, off the coast of Thailand, is cursed by some cult. Bernie Morton and Miles set that as a rumor to keep others away. Miles left Bernie there last week while he searched the port of Si Chon for the last survivor of the Cristabel. Miles saves Jack from an octo˝faced tentacled monster by shooting it. Miles finds a gem in the room. Back in the waterfront of Si Chon, Miles goes to find a buyer for the gem. He notes Jack looks pale. In an alley behind the Kamchatmak Bar, where Miles thinks he has finally found a buyer for the gem, Miles is attacked for the Eye of Assurya Rahiin. Miles shoots one man in the head. It was a set up. Back in Jack's room, there are knife throwing assassins. They run off. Miles finds Jack in a shadowy corner. Jack's head is just like the head of the creature. Jack tells Milesto do to him what he did to Bernie. The monster on the Cristabel was Bernie and Miles had to shoot him. Miles shoots Jack. Miles says, "One thing I learned sa