Dragonring #4 Aircel, 1986, b&w.
1 Dragonring2-4 cover By Guang Yap, additional pencils: Barry Blair.
The Underlord burns a flying, living gargoyle which is about to kill one of the experiments of the Underlord (a body with its torso in wrappings and hanging by a chain?). Yue, on their trek through the bizarre flora sees an ant and wants it for a pet but is told it is ChaˇLax ant whose poison can kill a bull mastodon in seconds. Yue apologizes but Drake tells him he is sorry also because of what happened to Miles. Yue talks loud again (as he did when the dino attacked yesterday). Kohl reminds him as he talks about pizza, chips, coke, chocolate...

CHAPTER 3: A giant sea serpent, the Rikki Nat, rises out of the water and follows as the boys and Kohl climb up a tree. Kohl attacks it, jumping off the tree onto it as the natives fire arrows. Singapore: Lau Pu beats up men he spars with. Someone calls him for a job. At 1500 hours he will meet them. He breaks apart a slab of granite 12 inches thick by harnessing his energy from within and not even touching it.

CHAPTER 4: The trekkers reach the castle. Alex bids Bakita a sad goodbye as the natives will go no further. The trio find a secret passage but Bakita is there alsoˇˇhe is not from this world and has told no one this. He wants to go home, too. Water fills the passageway. Kohl emerges in a room full of amphibious like monsters. He uses his sword against them. Alex is held onto by Yue and Bakita. All three are pulled into a water hole vortex. The Underlord talks to a prisoner who is chained by his handsˇˇˇMiles!