Dragonring #5 Aircel, 1986, b&w.
1 Dragonring2-5 cover By Guang Yap.
A lot of running around and fighting in the caves of the Underlord. There is a battle between Kohl and the Underlord which Kohl wins thanks to the DragonRing--which up until now hasn't been all that useful. Miles is found and somehow they all get home using the Underlord's dimensional-portal machine. This storyline concludes with this issue.

No Blair art. The inside rear cover contains a full-page ad by McEown for the one-shot Underground.
CHAPTER 5: Kohl fights the monsters but has to run and almost falls into an acid pool. Hanging onto a vine, the three boys climb down and find a statue of a giant monster (looks like Underlord). Bakita tells the other two boys that the statues were once alive. He gets these sensations and they are true. A leech creature lands on Yue and more attack. Alex gets it off Yue. Kohl gets out of a secret room by breaking through the wall. In the next room is gold Shiva statue and other relics. A gorilla monster attacks him. Yue is singing. Alex gets a headache. The boys cross a bridge in total darkness except for the torches they've managed. Alex tells Yue he doesn't like heights and has claustrophobia. Yue suggested they go into a hole. Bakita senses this is the right direction. As they crawl through the tight hole, Alex feels like the walls are closing in on them. Drake defeats the ape thing and finds a new way to go. At the end of the hole tunnel, Yue and Alex see things that are gross. Something grabs Yue and Alex (who has asked Yue 10 times if he saw anything) from the holeˇˇsomething gross.

CHAPTER 6: The Underlord holds Yue and Alex up off their feet. Yue calls him a Rick Baker reject. Kohl arrives and taunts the Underlord into a mortal combat test of power. He tries to fry Kohl and manages to burn his shirt to shreds. The true form of the Underlord is shown to Drake. Kohl's face starts turning to total bone. Kohl is able to strike its physical form (no human has ever been able to). The Underlord seems to realize why and then vanishes.

EPILOGUE: Miles works the controls to open up different dimensions. Yue is telling Alex he never knew his parents who died when he was a few months old in a car accident. His dad and Miles were pretty close so he adopted Yue (who likes the drunk, calling him an old fartˇˇand Miles hears it and lets them know, calling Yue a brat). Miles would always change the subject whenever Yue asked him about what dad did for a living. Alex tells them he woke up on the streets of Calcutta and the police picked him up when a car almost ran him down and took him to an orphanage. Alex can only remember the last two years of his life. He can't ever remember his name. Yue tells them three years ago, Miles and he were fishing in the boat. After the end of a storm in a bay in the South China Sea, there was garbage all over and debris...and after a flash of lightning which covered the entire sky...Kohl was found floating. Kohl refuses to talk about his past. Miles opens the portal to the universe of STARK: FUTURE, ELFLORD, and some other world with a one eyed robot, a wolf like boy, and a gladiator like warrior. Bakita tells them it is his home and he goes through to it. The kids ask Miles about what happened to Zeek. Miles doesn't want to talk about it. The monkey must be dead. They go home, too, through the portal. The Underlord threatens that once he learns how to defeat the Dragonring they and all their kind will be doomed.