Dragonring vol. 2 #10 Aircel, 1987, colour.
1 Dragonring3-10 cover By Dale Keown.
Kohl's group penetrates to the caverns but must take an interdimensional passage to escape a demon. While wandering in space they encounter Greylone the wizard from Elflord. He tells them where to go to find the Uni-Stone and helpfully offers to take the "children" off their hands. As Kohl's group departs, Greylone pulls the hood off the little wizard in the purple outfit and reveals a white-haired elf! "I've got my white-haired elf, with no elfheimbane to stop me" gloats Greylone!
As DragonRing and MonkyRing finally confront the demon they find that uniting the power of two rings is inadequate to destroy the monster. Just at that critical juncture, TigerRing and SnakeRing come up and assist, and the four rings annihilate the creature. Why the TigerRing and SnakeRing wanted to help is not known, as they are both evil. After the demon departs the uni- stone is left behind. DragonRing (Kohl) destroys it to prevent it from falling into the hands of TigerRing. Naturally the island volcano blows (doesn't it always?) And everyone is picked up by the helicopters of Velvet Black's Splinter.
This is the last Aircel issue of DragonRing with any Blair art.

One of the tunic wearing tribe boys is eaten. The wizard and Maire try a spell. Hotachi arrives, his suit ready to blow but he manages to explode it at the thing at the bottom of the pit. Maire and wizard get a door open and everyone moves out. Kamakazi and Black arrive; Kamakazi seems to laser the witch who is definitely deadˇa lump on the floor. Factor Alpha turns into a fanged giant beast to kill the humans, "I'll kill everyone!" Snake Ring girl calls to Tiger Ring, who knows Alpha has gone crazy. To go below is a simple task for a snake. The gang from the pit are floating in some kind misty space, walking for miles. Greylone, the tall, mustached wizard of ELFLORD, floats to them. He calls himself a world strider whom magic attracts. He lands on worlds' most magical places. Drake rips his sleeve off. Greylone offers to take the children to safety as well as the wizard, whose mask he removes: the wizard is an elf with white hair and pointed ears! Greylone now has his white haired elf with no elfheimbane like Hawk to stop him. He and about six boys leave, the two in clone uniforms with them. Alpha falls into the pit of fire as the Kamakazi and Black forces above break off the attack. The island is rumbling. Ghouls and other mutants at the bottom of the pit watch as the bottom group makes its way through. Da Feng runs from the monsters and they go to the demon's chamberˇˇa giant demon of yellowish light. Muscular and seemingly energy, it rises above them again. Maire asks what it has done with Carol and it tells them, "The female? I ate her, what else? Ha Ha." Maire unites the power of Drake and Da Feng's rings and focuses the power at the demon. Tiger Ring touches Da Feng as Snake Ring touches Drake, all five uniting to fight the fire thing. It is blown awayˇˇgone. What it left was the UniˇStone on a pedestal. Kohl smashes it to bits and the powers go wild. Now no one can use it. Black's helicopter hovers as the island blows up. She will pick up DaFeng, Maire, Mark, Holly, Hotachi, and Drake.