Dragonring vol. 2#11 Aircel, 1987, colour.
1 Dragonring3-11 cover By Dale Keown.
Uncharted Pacific Island: Velvet tells Hotachi that Toshiro Kimura is dead. Homer and Archie flew Prof. Stringfellow and the kids in this morning. They will take Hotachi back in the chopper. Drake can't get over how much Yue has grown and he now has a red dyed mahican hair cut! Kamakazi tells Holly that someone has to stay around and make sure she doesn't turn all the way into a man. Alex says, "Ooh, nice one, 2 points." Mark's claustrophobia is acting up. Maire insults Mark. Prof Stringfellow takes the kids outside while Black proposes they continue to act together to combat the evil forces over the world including the occult forces. Kamakazi calls Velvet a true friend when Black asks her to be the leader of Dragonring. Kamakazi trying to get away from her past and her international organization. South America: Snake Ring and Tiger Ring are in league with the Overlord whom they haven't met yet. They met Groupenfurhrer Steiner. The two fight a trap of Nazi soldiers, Snake Ring kicking a man's belly out and Tiger Ring splitting a man in half. It is a test. Holly spot checks Drake in the weightlifting room on Dragon Island. Drake is happy to see the kids again. Holly tells Drake the tribe is gone, the island destroyed. Outside, it looks to Drake as if Da Feng has found another tribe: Yue, Simon, Alex (who looks more blond nowˇor golden brown haired), and Lee run after DaFeng, all in bathing suits. Following them is Mark in his black leather jacket. Drake thinks, "Oh brother." Holly tells Drake she is a warrior and makes a serious speech about her duties. Drake asks, "Are you reading that somewhere?" Kohl and Holly kiss. Simon, in the pool, wonders if Black will let them drain the pool so they can skateboard in it and Yue (who wears a spiked bracelet) wonders about graffiti. Lee thinks it is a bitchin pool. Mark, in camouflage army bathing suit, does a cannonball into the pool near the three boys. Alex tells DaFeng they have MTV out the ying yang. Alex puts an arm around DaFeng. DaFeng's tribe is there somewhere even though the island is lost. DaFeng will go swimming. South America: Snakelady and Tigerman meet the face of the Overlord, a hideous green warted big eared monstrosity. His face is on a portal. Power on his world is held by a group of white haired elvesˇwizards, held in check by another unknown force. He can find a being who can cross the gulf of worlds, someone who has touched the Dragon and Monkey Rings. He talks of Greylone, the world strider. He wants them to do evil thingsˇˇbe his eyes and hands on their world to collect cosmic power. Tigerman likes this guy. Evening on Dragon Island: Mark will stay if Maire stays. Maire wants to stay since she cannot fight evil alone. She can detect it. Mark tries to get an original thought: kissing her. There is a smack. Kamakazi, Drake, Holly, Maire, DaFeng, and Mark (who has been too dumbed down by now) are the new Dragonring. They tell this to Commander Black.