Dragonring vol. 2 #12 Aircel, 1987, colour.
1 Dragonring3-12 cover UN: Drake, DaFeng(wearing a headband and clothes with a ying yang on the t shirt beneath a jacket), Mark (with a Samurai logo on his shirt), Maire, Kamakazi, and a small man are in an elevator. DaFeng is eyeing up Kamakazi; Mark claims he has to fart. They are to meet Black on the 20th floor. Mark does fart. Mark tells Black they are ready for anything she can throw at them. Black is asked to and she tells Mark that is a tempting offer. Black introduces Chief Daniels of the NYPD, a woman. Contact has been lost with a few villages in rural South America. The only survivor of a unit that was sent is, has a Tiger Ring wound imprint on his head. Another problem: a monster is in Chinatown, killing people at night and in a crowd of punks is Snakering. Simon asks Prof. Stringfellow if he can help but the Prof and Quan are in the middle of an experiment˝˝trying to breach the dimensional zone between worlds that were beneath the pit on Monkey Island. They might find the rest of the tribe that Greylone took to safety. Simon finds it boring with the other boys˝˝all they want to do is pester the cat servant boy clones of Kamakazi. He wishes he had gone with Da Feng to NYC. Mark and DaFeng take a taxi. In South America, Maire feels odd being out of a city and feels she wants Mark, the big goof here with her now. When around, he goes nothing but irritate her but she wishes she were here now. They find no signs of life. They go to a village and are watched by mutants. A Unit 24 team of men from Cuda (?) explores Monkey Island, watched by members of the hidden Monkey Boy tribe, who have survived. They wait for DeFeng to return. Until then, they survive. DaFeng has lost his shoes and doesn't like the clothes. A gang of punks attack them, claiming they are on the gang's turf. Mark, a big guy, tells the others that no matter what they think, he is still a big guy who can beat them up. When guns are drawn and Mark is shot, DaFeng beats the punk that shot him. When the other punks move in on him, something with fangs comes out of an alley. DaFeng faces a giant werewolf, it still wearing the ripped pants of a man! Blob faced things call Maire, Holly, and Kohl sinners, telling them the bomb cleansed this village. The mutants worship the bomb. The creatures attack, grabbing them from behind as well as coming straight on. The mutants begin to get blown up. Someone arrives and takes off his gas mask˝˝Tiger Man!