Dragonring vol. 2 #13 Aircel, 1987, colour.
1 Dragonring3-13 cover THE GATHERING STORM: The monster kills the gang but it didn't kill DaFeng. In helicopters the nazis and Tigerman bring the two girls and Drake to Monkey Island! There he has Adolf lock them up while he goes to talk to Overlord. Overlord supplied him with poison germs which wiped out three villages. Overlord tells Tigerman that Greylone went through one of the portals with a white haired elf named Ichi. Ichi was with the monkey tribe before Greylone took him. Mark is visited in the hospital by Kamakazi who is told DaFeng is gone. Two policemen (one is named Dave) see DaFeng in the rain as the kid hunts a werewolf which is atop a house. Day on Monkey Island: Daopian tells Xiao that he feels the magic is back, like the ring is back but somehow not like DaFeng's. Tigerman lets Drake free and gives him a knife, an hour head start before he comes after him. If he comes back, his men will shoot the women. The werewolf turns back to a man and the man returns to Snake Ring, who taunts him and steps on him. She feels DaFeng, finished playing Peter Pan as she says, come to come after her. DaFeng leaps over a fence to the old house. The werewolf is behind him in the old chambers. The thing has killed over 30 people. Daniels tells her driver, John, to step on it. Daniels tells Kamakazi that the best thing they can do is pray.
  Backup story: "Jake Thrash"
  Backup story first page Jake Thrash goes deep in the Mutants' sector, and rescues a lady. Mind it, he is NOT a cop!