Dragonring vol. 2 #14 Aircel, 1988, colour.
1 Dragonring3-14 cover TIGER'S TAIL: Snake Ring reports success with the transformation she made with the serum Overlord provided her with. After the failures of the South American changes, he feared the serum would not transform humans. NYC Central Park: the werewolf hunts DaFeng, who talks to it, telling it he is Monkey Ring, lord of an enchanted island. He commands the will of animals. DaFeng survives but its bloodlust is strong. Kam arrives with her men. The werewolf escapes. A fat nurse tells Mark he cannot get out of bed˝˝the bullet did more damage than first thought. His legs can't move. Drake hides in the water near a tree but attacks Tigerman, who has transformed into a real tiger faced man! Tigerman bashes Drake into a tree. Holly cannot summon her armour due to the fact the amulet is in her pack. A monkey boy sneaks in with a knife. They are caught by the Nazi. Prof. Stringfellow feels someone is guiding all the evil beings in a common cause. He has Alex, a clone with special heightened ESP hooked up to machinery. Alex is dressed only in red shorts and in a tube. With the aid of the transdimensional shifter, the Prof hopes Alex will be able to see and find this being that is leading the evil forces. Black and Quan watch, Quan monitoring Alex's vital signs. Alex, or rather his projection, locates the full bodies Overlord in his world. He calls them a slaver (?) and tells them to remember his name. He ends transmission. Alex asks if he can come out now. The werewolf killed an old man in an alley. Kam and DaFeng find it and Kam fights it, slashing it. Monkey boys attack Tiger Man. He smashes two faces together, flips another, grabs another by the throat and punches his face in, and tosses them about, telling Drake he loves massacring a bunch of kids. He tells Kohl that Kohl is too good, cares too much. Tigerman is about to clean up (kill the kids) when Kohl makes a blast of green power hit Tigerman forward. He is now in green, no longer just Kohl Drake, but he is the Dragon, his true nature.