Dragonforce Chronicles #3 (collection) Aircel, Jun 1989, b&w.
0 Dragonforce Chronicles #3 cover Collects the stories in Dragonring vol. 2 #14 and #15.
  Backup story: "Team Nippon"
  back story first page TEAM NIPPON PREVIEW: A fat bellied punk with a rifle in an alley is distracted by Alex's life force˝˝Alex is wearing a costume. Simon is on a skateboard, whizzing past, wearing a skateboard costume. Lee, in a skintight outfit and mask tells the crook, while he bats him with his nunchuk sticks that the crook has just met Nightwind (Alex) and Thrasher (Simon). Lee calls himself Nunchaku. The assassin pulls at gun on Lee's face. "Killin' people is my job, kid, and I'm real good at it." A bloody sword comes out of the man's chest. Gen is behind the man with a mask on and is says, "SO is Samurai!" "See more in Team Nippon #1, coming in June."