Dragonring vol. 2 #15 Aircel, 1988, colour.
1 Dragonring3-15 cover THE DRAGON: Kohl Drake, 39 year old Vietnam veteran is now the dragon. He is also invulnerable to many things and excesses that could kill regular mortals. This is because the ring merged with Drake to protect him from Tiger Man's killing him. For some reason, Maire, since she opened the portal to the neutral zone, cannot use her witch powers but she tries as Holly stalls the Nazi interrogating them. She tries to levitate Holly's bag to them. Holly tries to make the Nazi keep the boy out of it. If they don't answer his questions, he will do very unpleasant things to the boy. Maire gets the amulet to Holly who tells her she could kiss her. Holly gets her battle suit on. Following the blood trail, Kam and DaFeng find a man. Snake Ring attacks with a giant snake. DaFeng jumps on the giant snake she has. Kam cuts it. The man turns into the werewolf somehow and kills Snake Ring before she can shoot Kam and DaFeng. Before she dies, she mentions that Overlord is due on Monkey Island soon with world domination not far behind. The werewolf falls and the man transforms back...and dies. Kam touches his neck. The Nazi retreats before Holly's battlesuit. She fires at them anyway. The unstable tunnels collapse. Holly uses her condensed heat beam to melt their way to the surface. DaFeng meets the boy who tried to help Maire and Holly out. Kohl arrives. Maire asks, "What's with the pajamas, Kohl?" Kohl thinks Tigerman transformed completely into a tiger and hid. DaFeng will stay here with his tribe, they need him. Kohl tells him that if he ever needs anything, he should contact them. "Goodbye, little friend." Alone on the beach, DaFeng watches the copters leave.

FRIENDS: Kohl visits a dejected and bitter Mark in the hospital. He tries to raise Mark's fighting spirits. Mark knows he cannot handle this. Drake yells at him and tells him that he needs his best quality now to come to the front, the same quality that saved them in Nam. The team needs him. THE END.