Dragonring vol. 2 #1 Aircel Publishing, 1986, colour.
1 Dragonring3-1 cover Kohl Drake is in an alien dimension where some Guardians-of-the-Universe type folks take him in. The DragonRing contains an actual demon which can take over his body and transform him into a hideous beast, &c &c. The plot is too confusing to cover in detail. This issue introduces the green-haired warrior woman Holly.

No Blair art. Picture of Guang Yap inside rear cover.

Prologue: Kohl ponders on the kids with Miles and how he will miss them. He reflects on how it all started...the yacht Miles was on and Miles pulling him out of the water. The next day, Carol and mother died in an explosion. He ponders why he never told Miles about his past...he being the son of a Kenobi. Kohl propels himself through a portal.

DEMON HUNTER˝He feels G Forces and is pulled by a light, ending up in a swamp of pointed vines and stickers..and a spiked crab mantis scorpion. Spikes went into Kohl and drugged him. His gun doesn't work. A battle suit gets the spikes out of Kohl's back and kills the monster. The suit takes him out of the Neutral Zone to Stevlar Monastery where the Grand Ones have been expecting him, a castle, part futuristic looking and smooth, floating on a piece of land. The suit is a girl with green hair and named Holly Sental. She takes Kohl to the master healer, Kohl falls into a bad state. The healer calls upon the ring to heal him, bringing out the Yang to make him whole. Erid Phly will be Kohl's servant when he awakens. Kohl feels something evil is inside him and the ring is alive, trying to communicate with him. Kohl was sheltered from the outside world by his mother and her colleagues. A dark rider is attempting to breach the barrier into Kohl's world. West Germany: a private airfield: a car rolls along and a man in it calls Chandler, a butler. The man, Mr. Lau Fu gets a message on a video tape from Cuda about Drake. With Drake, who appeared in Hong Kong three years ago, is a lover of East Malaysian descent, she is 23 and lives with her father, Robert, who owns a pawn shop. He is also shown Yue and Miles Corkin, who have disappeared since their voyage to India. In the video Yue is running away from Miles and is totally naked. Kohl is supposed to have a resemblance to the child of Baroness Marlena Von Hauer. Kohl has a sword called the Naganata. The Grand Ones deny Holly and Kohl permission to go to the portal to stop the demons that are trying to go. The demon in armor on a horse (which Kohl saw in the dream along with Holly and the healer) fights them. Kohl is badly injured fighting the one eyed armor being and run through! The ring glows and Kohl is able to change into a dragon monster ready to eat, "I hunger!"