Dragonring vol. 2 #2 Aircel, 1986, colour.
1 Dragonring3-2 cover Kohl, as a monster, kills the armor demon and his armored horse even though the horse impaled him. Holly is hurt. Others, named Crystal and Ulta put Drake on the Hovertrans. Others include Gular. The Ancient Ones told the others what was happening. The Healer activates the hyperphagolyte pulsar and other devices to help Holly. A few days later, The Ancient Ones tell Holly Phlox (?) that she disobeyed their laws. Drake rests in the dimension observer room. Drake thinks Erid eats like Yue˝˝whenever there is food around. Anything mechanical is rendered useless when one travels in the portal. The Ancient Ones tell him about the ring: eons gone by, dimensions were at peace until a tear and from the hole created by it, came demi˝gods, who placed their power in the Uni˝Stone who were able to open the gate. Facing their evil was once named Stevlar and his band, who with great loss, sealed the gate and reached the stone. Stevlar built the monastery as a base to hunt the remaining demons that still wander the galaxy. The Unistone has 12 pieces cut from it and 12 rings were made. Rings were given to 12 hunters, 8 of the hunters perished; the remainders went to Garth to search for Stevlar and they found his remains but not his stone. The demons went to Earth, having followed Stevlar there or some such thing. They need Drake to find the Unistone before the demons do and open the gate again. The Ancient One tells Drake they need the unistone to get the ring off Kohl's finger. The unistone is Drake's curse since the demon of the ring has entered Drake's body already and he is possessed but the first transformation was not complete. Kohl has no options but to do what they want. In underwear or swim trunks, Drake works out and trains to be a Demon Hunter. 22 years Holly has been with the Hunters and will now journey back to Earth. She and Gregor discuss this when Erid comes running, anxious to get to all that Earth food. In a new uniform, with no sleeves and loaded with metal weapons, Kohl is ready to leave.
Contains explanations of the Guardians, Demons, the Omni Stone, and the twelve rings. Very necessary if you want to understand this plot line. Nothing by Barry.
    This issue also reprints the "Eye of the Beholder" by McEown. Great Stuff!