Dragonring vol. 2 #3 Aircel, 1987, colour.
1 Dragonring3-3 cover George the pigeon comes home to a man in Chicago who tells them where they are. Holly kicks Spike, one of the punk gang members that attack them. Kohl helps and they win the fight. Erid is hungry. Using a gem, they get new clothes. Ms. Fielding goes to a pub where Charles, the bartender talks to her. She is working on a MacDonald story and murders. The three come in to eat. Erid's forehead has a gem which keeps changing color due to power fluctuations. Holly starts to tell Drake that Erid is something but they get interrupted. A band plays, the Pantatics and the white haired leader can be seen by Drake as covered in red. Drake goes backstage while the other two go to the alley. Drake fights the white haired man who wears a short cut shirt. The man turns into a demon. The two fight while Fielding takes pictures using Nikon. She thinks about her editor Campbell seeing the pictures. Holly distracts the demon while Kohl cuts its head off after being wounded himself. Someone with the FBI is let through a crowd to the "murder" of the white haired man. Carol Fielding has enough evidence to send the killers˝˝Holly and Kohl away for murder.