Dragonring vol. 2 #4 Aircel, 1987, colour.
1 Dragonring3-4 cover A woman drives in an open car. Erid fixes a dimensional ani grapher. Kohl struggles in a washroom with the demon of the ring. A cop sees Carol's photographs of the murder but isn't sure what it was. She kicks him out. Earlier, the police questioned her for 2 hours. Erid is able to get Holly's suit through the portal and get it on her. She can transform into it anytime she wants as long as she has the gem on her. Erid opens his arm˝˝he is an android. The same woman who drove the car (Velvet Black?) does exercises in the dark gym. She looks out over an ocean. Armored mechanical suits (robots?) attack a seemingly bare white robotic type. It wins against all and even the armor suited robotic demon type. This is the SD Project and Factor Alpha congratulates them on it. Cuda's Lord Nekro will be please that they can have 50 of the units ready. Erid and Kohl discuss plans to go to NY, then to England. Something startles Kohl at the door. The blond woman continues putting on her makeup after taking a shower. In the mirror her eyes seem to have changed to a glowing yellow. The woman's scenes are accompanied by lyrics from LOVE IS A STRANGER by the Eurythimics.
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A girl with a gun moves through a green swamp, watched by a gargoyle. It jumps at her, turning into a multi blob monster. She kills the fleshy beasts that it is. She loses her rifle and sees Nazi like soldiers with ghoul faces and dog faces with long tongues. She rips at one's crotch, fights the others, and sees tentacles kill the dogfaced one who has a pistol pointed at her. Near a Stonehenge structure, the girl goes through her own ritual, cutting her hand. Power cracks blue lightning upward. the girl sees a figure in the darkness and it appears to be a totally clothless boy in a pentagram drawing (a sacrifice?). She hugs him and we see his face over her shoulder: a fanged green faced demon. The girl wakes up in her room. It was a nightmare she had while sleeping. This girl appears to be the character that is later named Maire and used quite a bit later on.