Dragonring vol. 2 #5 Aircel, 1987, colour.
1 Dragonring3-5 cover TIGER'S TEETH: After a brief prologue, we see this title. a witch˝demon face watches Drake's progress (is this the Underlord as she˝it seems to be watching through some crystal ball ?). Muscular men watch her. One has red eyes. The other, Factor Sigma is dog faced and has the red glowing eyes. Factor Alpha stops Sigma from fighting with the insulting purple muscle bound man. Alpha has fanged teeth and is told by the witch he mustn't tear his shell. Lau Fu's Tiger Ring will enable him to locate Drake. Holly wears a purple leather outfit with no sleeves. Kohl hot wires a red sports car (with the license plate Tyger and logo CRS Jackson Racing). He tells the other two that before he found his way in the South China Seas, he lived in West Germany and learned auto mechanics there. They arrive in NY. Tigering is driving alongside them in a blue car and starts transforming. Kohl also transforms a bit. The two emerge from the cars and fight. Tigering, shirtless now, fights Kohl with red energy. There is a contract out on Drake's ring. After telling him that the Tiger Ring was lost ages ago, Holly is knocked out by the Tigering man. The two clash, a dragon face and a tiger face coming out of their chests. Suddenly, the two of them are in a vortex, flying out of control. Kohl gasps, "What the hell?!"
  back story first page Backup story: "Dark Entry: A Friend of the Devil"

Blue eyed, black haired girl (from DARK ENTRY) is in a demonology class. Maire Siddons goes to her Professor to get her paper and for a moment sees him as something evil. Maire walks home in the snow. The Professor calls someone and tells them she has the pendant and he doesn't know if she is a virgin. She was in a series of foster homes, records of birth lost. In her very weird apartment, Maire has a Grateful Dead Album. She smells something and sees green gunk under the door. She moves to call the cops but four sets of eyes are beyond a door to a closet. An amphibious looking demon grabs her and asks for the pendant. With it, she makes its head bloodburst off. The other two intend to rape her˝˝she is a virgin so they cannot but will take her to someone else for sacrifice. Mark, a man in pants with suspenders and no shirt on, breaks in and fights the gray demon first. Telling him they are demons from hell, Maire stabs the red demon in the back with a knife. Mark punches a hole into the chest or stomach of the green antenna demon. Maire tells Mark, "I didn't know you could fight. I just thought you were big and stupid." One of the demons got away with the magic crass pin. Mark asks what's crap on the turntable is and when he hears it is Grateful Dead, he tells her no wonder they were pissed at her. Mark looks like he is a black man with very curly hair and dark skin.
  And a nice ad for Elflord (too bad the text clutters it).