Dragonring vol. 2 #6 Aircel, 1987, colour.
1 Dragonring3-6 cover The story breaks into three plotlines, one by Guang, one by Pat McEown, and one by Barry. Guang's part follows Kohl and Holly. Kohl is still unconscious from the fight with TigerRing. The sinister hooded forces of Cuda move in and Holly wipes them out one by one.

McEown's part follows Maire Siddons and her "admirer" Mark. They drift down to the park in Ottawa and find Maire's professor about to conduct a human sacrifice. Mark, who is a brutal animal type, attacks and kills most of the sacrificers but not in time to save the virgin who is being snuffed. Maire discovers her magic powers and casts several spells.

Barry gives us six pages without text, in which a cute and scantily-clad boy on Monkey Island has a fight with half-a-dozen of the hooded fighters of Cuda. Using beautiful kung-fu moves the kid polishes them all off.

Some very nice artwork in this issue. McEown's stuff is not as good as in the previous issue but still very nice. Barry's work is sharp and characteristic. Although brief, it's in an excellent style.Tiger Ring is gone; Kohl is down. Holly fights red cloaked and hooded men. She shoves a broken stick through one of their faces (although they don't appear to have faces we can see). The purple faced man points two blast guns at Holly but Erid gets in the way and is blown down, a red mass of gore. Holly switches to her battle suit. Mark and Maire walk and talk in Ottawa. Maire feels something inside her has woken. The pin just jumped into her hand. Mark is lighter skinned and has red hair now. Someone makes a comment about the two of them looking like they are dressed for Halloween. Mark hits the man's face into a signpost. Tonight is Spring Solstice: the time for the 4th ceremony for the Unistone which can bring forth an evil Earth deity. Maire thinks she knows where the pendant is. Maire tells Mark to keep his head down˝˝"Of all the times to dye your hair." They watch hooded men prepare to sacrifice a blond girl in the park. The Professor is the leader who is ready to knife the girl. Maire thought perhaps he was just lonely and not a pervert but now she realizes he is a pervert after all. Mark goes out and twists one of the figure's heads, telling the hooded men that Halloween's over! Maire's eyes glow green. Mark fights the others. The Prof knives the girl in the chest anyway. Power ignites across the light fixtures. Maire's power saves Mark from a knife in his back. A pole wraps around the hooded attacker. Then she makes benches fly apart at the men. Maire, looking scary and like a witch, makes the pendant come to her hand but the Prof intercepts it. Mark grabs it. A cop comes and is about to shoot but Maire, inadvertently, makes him point it down˝˝and he shoots his foot. The Prof breaks free and with the pendant vanishes in a yellow light. Maire tells Mark they have to go to Hong Kong, which is where the final ceremony is. An undersea craft moves to a complex which looks destroyed. A battlesuited man get onto a boat. It removes its helmet: Hotachi in all his glory with the white streak in his hair. A jungle on an island: a boy, perhaps Oriental, walks, wearing a red loin cloth, having black hair and carrying pineapples. Three hooded men attack the boy. In a wonderful series of drawing, he fights them using his body and their own staffs. He cracks one of their necks. Holly continues her battle in the alley. Kohl gets one of the blaster guns and shoots the chrome being with red eyes into the brick wall and part of the building falls on him. Kohl finds Erid a skeletal robot. Erid's last words are to seek out Monkey Ring in Hong Kong. Watching from behind a brick wall is Carol Fielding, the news reporter