Dragonring vol. 2 #7 Aircel, 1987, colour.
1 Dragonring3-7 cover In two parts. There is a 13 page fight on Monkey Island, the forces of Cuda, armed with tanks and machine guns against a bunch of barely-dressed boys armed with bows and arrows. Naturally the boys win, though not without ghastly losses. The scene shifts to Hong Kong, where Hotachi Kimura, Kohl Drake, Holly, Maire Siddons and Mark join forces in a giant bar fight with the bad guys.

Barry's art, the fight on Monkey Island, is well drawn and inked, The inks are attributed to Guang. This is a nice piece although the subject is a bit painful as lots of the boys get killed.The Jungle Spirit lived on Monkey Island, a spirit who brought luck. In return the islanders would bring him children for his tribe. Whenever a child was orphaned, the child would be brought to the Ancient Shrine on Monkey Island. The gong would be rung and all would leave for soon, the Spirit would come to claim his prize...unless the evil forces of Cuda intervene. Tanks and hooded men arrive on the island. Two men unveil a naked boy and ring the gong. Boys watch as two others, all in loin cloths, the leader moving out in red, the others in brown thongs and one in nothing more than brown ropes. Many boys watch along with them. The little boy goes to the naked boy but the naked boy turns into a slithering monster, a changeling which seems to eat the smaller boy. Cuda's forces move out to attack. The archers get ready and the other boys attack. The leader yells for them not to. Boys are shot down. One calls for the archers to fire. Standing on other boy's shoulder, the archers fire and kill the two men in green battle tights. The leader in red fights hooded men. He orders them to attack the tank. The leader punches his hand through one of the men's hoods. They take over the tank and win, some hurt, some dead. Hong Kong waterfront: Hotachi, Japanese in China is being followed by Carol Fielding who is looking for Kohl Drake and asks Hotachi this. A man in a business suit and tie with two Oriental men watch. Hotachi tells Carol, "You getting on my nerves, lady." Carol thinks the guy in the tie is FBI but when she sees the two men with him, she realizes they aren't. Hotachi fights them when the tie man pulls a gun. Hotachi is a master of all styles including Chinese boxing (also he wears spiked bracelets). The FBI agent knows what Hotachi is like when he loses control. He has seen tapes from the Naganata training sessions. He shoots his own man to get to Hotachi. Carol is chased under the pier and threatened with a knife by the bigger Oriental man. Hotachi breaks through the top of the pier and grabs the man's neck into the planks. Hotachi wants to find Drake now. Drake thinks the Monkey Ring could be in the Tungsha Tao islands where a monkey god is a legend, a god who looks after abandoned children. Hotachi and Carol come in. Hotachi shows him the design that was tattooed on the arm of one of the thugs: it is the seldom seen Kou Da Gui faction of the Tong. Carol explains what has happened up to now (including the purple chrome thing battle she saw). Maire and Mark arrive; Mark eyeing Hotachi with sneers. Maire wants to go to the Tungsha Tao island and was told by the bartender Choo pointed out Drake who is rumored to be someone who has dealt with the supernatural. The man in tie comes in, backed by many Tong. Carol steps on the foot of chubby man and he yells. He falls into Drake's table, cups go flying and hit a brawny sailor who fights back. This helps distract the men long enough for Drake, Mark, Holly, Maire and a bunch of sailors to help fight theTong men as well as hit anything in a robe. Mark takes this chance to hit two religious skinny men. Holly tells Maire to stand behind her but Maire tells her she can handle herself. Maire kicks Choo the bartender between the legs, thinking he was one of them. Choo tells them he was only trying to escort ladies to safety. Holly thinks he is a male supremist pig and served him right to get kicked. The fat man in pink gets up and asks, "Who will fight me?" A bottle hits him in the head. Maire explains to Drake what is going on and her involvement while she bashes a chair onto someone. During this uproarious and funny bar fight sequence a flying mouse is seen˝˝a mouse with legs and feet˝˝Mickey? Carol is running for safety and keeps screaming over and over. The fight almost over, Hotachi is going to go with Drake, who is welcome to have his skills with them. Carol is being chased by a thug who is punches by both Drake and Hotachi at the same time. Mark bonks Carol on the head as she is in mid scream and she falls over his arm unconscious. Holly, Maire, Drake, and Hotachi all say, "Thank you." The group prepare to leave, Mark holding the prone Carol. Mark sees what he yells out are "Reinforcements!" Maire tells him, "For God's sake, Mark, they're nuns!" This last quote comes from the last panel where we see the characters all exiting in shadow form and the last shadow is a nun! Very fun stuff.