Dragonring vol. 2 #8 Aircel, 1987, colour.
1 Dragonring3-8 cover Layouts: Barry Blair, pencils: Pat McEown, colours: Barry Blair and Guang Yap.
On Monkey Island the forces of Cuda take over the sacred grottos while warrior boys watch from hiding. On the other side of the island Hotachi, Kohl Drake and company gather for an attack. That night the Monkey Island boys swim into the grotto through an underwater passage. Once inside they are taken by surprise by the nightmarish creatures of Cuda. Some of them are sacrificed and others are tortured to reveal the location of the rest of the tribe. The villain Marduk from Samurai has sent a detachment of clones led by Quan. In this story Quan becomes sickened at the sacrifices and helps several of the island boys to escape. About this time Kohl Drake's group burst in, guns blazing. The demon awakes and reveals the location of the uni-stone, and takes a lady reporter who was with Kohl's group.
Artwork: Although Barry was only credited with "layouts" he has obviously done very complete pencils of all the Monkey Island warrior boys, as well as Marduk's clones and Quan. Barry's style is predominant on at least 18 pages. Therefore this issue is predominantly by Barry Blair, the only one of the series with a preponderance of Blair art. Inks follow Barry's style very closely. A great issue!

In a speedboat Holly, Kohl, Maire, Mark, and a worried Carol move toward the island. Carol wonders where Hotachi is. Drake thinks Hotachi is someone who sticks to his word. Hotachi shows up in a battle suit. Mark brags about leading the gang and his basic training, then falls into the water. Maire tells him which way the beach is. The leader in red and his tribe watch the submarine and Cuda men take over the grotto further up the coast at the sacred place. The best of the warriors are there. The rest of the tribe is in the jungle, safe. The leader wears the Monkey Ring. Night, the tribe's best swim under a grotto of green. Coming out, two are freezing. The witch with four red eyes attacks from the cave and green tentacles surround the monkey boys! Factor Alpha tells the witch they now have the sacrifices for the unistone guardian demon to be called. Holly and Hotachi take out the guards at the entrance to the stronghold. Marduk has sent a unit of clone warriors to bring in the tribe of wild boys for the demon to eat. Agent Quan reports for duty to Factor Alpha. The witch has dulled the minds of four of the tribe and they are dressed in purple Cuda tunics only. Quan his clones will question the others, two who are tied up almost back to back on a rock between them. Maire's pervert professor has her pin as the sacrifices are brought forward and one is tossed off a cliff into a yellowish pit where roars are coming from. The witch and Quan have two clones (who are dressed in aqua marine blue tights and head masks) bring one of the half naked tribe boys to a serum spell and dunk his head in. When he comes out, he has spots all over him and he tells them where the rest of the tribe isóónorth end of the island by the point where the mushrooms are. The boy tied to the rock sobs, "Noooo." The witch tells Quan and the clones to toss the other one into the cauldron and she will have him for dinner! One clone says, "This is fun, Quan. Come on, get into it!!" Quan punches one out but the other pulls a gun on him. The tied monkey boy, now off the rock kicks the clone. Quan punches the clone and the monkey boy knees him. The monkey boy looks at Quan and Quan back at him. Another tribe boy is tossed off. The monkey ring boyóthe leader in red is brought to have the Prof cut his finger off so they can get the ring off. Drake fires a gun and kills the Prof, shooting him in the head. The Monkey Leader smiles. The boy with red spots on his now red skin is dressed in a clone outfit as is his pal. Quan tells them to put up their hoods. They leave the two blond clones in the cauldron, naked and red skinned themselves. The FBI guy tries to take Maire's recovered pin but the monkey boy hits him and snaps his neck. Maire shoots, telling the kid to keep down. Another business suitedvillain is about, too. From the pit a large yellowish demon face with skull and fangs comes out, carrying one of the sacrifice boys by the tunic and exposing the rest of his naked body. The demon is more yellow mist. The unistone, it claims, is at the bottom of his domain. Hotachi distracts the demon giant by firing at it. Maire combines her power with the rings of the monkey boy and Drake. The demon yells in pain and blasts out, taking Carol with it in a yellow energy arm. Quan meets up with Hotachi. The bad guys want to organize a unit to get to the unistone. Drake says, "For Carol or the unióstone, someone's gotta go into that hole." The leader meets up with one of the sacrifice boys and puts his arm on him. The boy puts his arm on the leader.