Dragonring vol. 2 #9 Aircel, 1987, colour.
1 Dragonring3-9 cover This is the issue which initiated the plan of having Dale Keown do all the inks.

The story involves everybody heading down into the depths of the caverns to look for the uni-stone. Here for the first time we see Ichi, though he's got a hood on so we can't see that he's an elf or a white-hair.

As for the art, Barry's pencils are just about obliterated by the inks.

EDGE OF THE PITˇthe tribal wizard wants to go with the group to get the uniˇstone and Carol but the leader now named as Da Feng tells him not to. He is to go into the jungle but follows them down as Maire sees stairs (Mark thought he heard her say stars). With Homer and in purple tights and hat, Velvet Black goes to a nice home in Ottawa to meet a womanˇˇKamakazi. A wolfboy brings Velvet in to the sunbathing Kamakazi. Kamkazi knows Marduk and Arkoff's association with Cuda and how with the help of their clone army (now called Rats) they destroyed Velvet's UN status. She once has dealings with them and all she got out of it were her clone servants (one appears to be a purple wolf boy) and bad feelings. Kamkazi wants to join forces, knowing about Cuda and what is going on through her own network of spies in the Orient. There is going to be a great battle in the South China Sea. Toshiro can handle the rats in Ottawa. Black lost contact with Quan a week ago. Factor Alpha disturbs his master, a greenish black thing with glowing white eyes and a seven fingered clawed hand. This thing has eight of the rings but not the stone. Tiger Ring, with no shirt on, has arrived to help get the rest of the rings and the uniˇstone. The creature said four rings are present which confuses Factor Alpha. Maire tells Mark to stop spittingˇˇhe is trying to see the bottom. Mark is wearing red sunglasses. The steps start going around rock stalactites and mites. One falls, dropping many of the tribe boys below. Kamakazi and Black pick up Quan's bio pattern as well as Hotachi's and a MCA suit (mobile combat armour). Hotachi's suit floats down and shines a lightˇˇthey see tribal boys trapped in a giant web. A giant spider is busy eating one of the boys to death. Drake tries to free the others but the thing charges. The tribe attack it and find its blood burns their hands, another boy falls off. There are more spiders coming. Everyone cuts the webs. Another boy seems to fall. When the others arrive at the bottom they see dead spiders and dead boys. Cuda ships arrive. Tiger Ring pops up out of one and tells Drake he is his. Drake makes one of the tribe boys stay back. Hotachi blasts one saucer. Tiger Ring comes to Alpha's defense when Alpha's driver is hit. Tiger Ring blasts Hotachi's suit down. Alpha order that Tiger Ring not finish Hotachi. The bad ones must return for reinforcements. Smelling a stink, the surviving group below, come upon a giant mass of green and black, a red eyed thing with many tentacles, each arm with a fanged snake like face on it, "Welcome, Ring Bearers, to the gates of hell! HaHaHa."
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