Elflord #1 Aircel Publishing, 1986, b&w.
1 Elflord #1 cover Black Raven Inn: Hawk and his two friends Falcon and Purebreeze talk. Hawk is parted from Princess Ariadne who left to go to her uncle's castle. A fat man named Brolo starts a fight, knocks Falcon (who does not have an eye patch yet) down, and is downed by Purebreeze. Windblade waits outside, a white haired elf belonging to a race of magical Sidhe, his hair in pigtails and wearing something like a court jester's outfit! Hawk tosses his sword at Brolo who runs at Purebreeze from behind. It makes Brolo's pants come down. Hawk kicks him down. Five page boys entertain or stand at attention in the king's chamber where advisor Doran, an old, almost mutated man comes. The king's daughter has arrived, supposedly, at the king's half brother's castle. Doran wants a stone of mystical powers which is in the Valley of Endless Mists, a nightmare place from which none have returned. The king sends Purebreeze, Hawk and his squire Windblade out to find it, leaving Falcon...and Doran with the king. Brolo rides out and begs pardon for his last night's drunken behavior (and in one frame, Barry Blair draws such a face on Hawk as he listens to this annoyance, that it tells more than any words can about Hawk's reaction). Windblade makes a joke that Brolo's sword may be keen but that is unlike his mind. Brolo rattles on about past battles, Purebreeze rolls her eyes. Windblade has a feeling they are being followed and despite Brolo's not believing in magical white haired elves, they dismount and hide from a group of monstrous trolls. Hawk tells them the trail they next follow leads to the River of Red and they will cross by raft. At Dragonsfield, Burnster, an old friend of Hawk's runs a ferry. Burnster feels Hawk is still crazy. Brolo gets raft sick as Burnster takes them on a short cut to Bear's Head Falls. In a few weeks' time, Hawk thinks they will be back. Doran plots in dark, claiming to himself that Brolo is working for him. He asks to see the king alone and when the page boys leave, Doran puts a knife in the king's chest, killing him and blaming Falcon for the murder when Falcon runs in to see this. Four guards seize Falcon; Doran telling them the Royal Guard plotted to seize the throne. Windblade gets a feeling of some unspeakable evil calling to him from a pit below the rocks the foursome climb on. A small stone ponnts off Brolo's head. They think someone above is following them as more rocks fall. They see broken bones. An evil looking Srith attacks them, four arms with weapons. Hawk cuts one off. Windblade uses some powder from his bag which gives Hawk the chance to get on top and behind it. He beheads the creature. Purebreeze thinks trolls will come to the noise that just occurred and Windblade feels things are going to get a lot worse.

Pencils: Pat mcEown, inks: Barry Blair.
  Devil's Doorway Backup story: "Devil's Doorway"

Kusachi Minato is a city under attack. Peasants seek to leave; farmers seek to get inside. Guards Bakamono and Hakuchi joke at a small boy with black hair who says he is a mercenary who has come to fight for the city. They joke more, one telling this mercenary, Bran, to go to the barracks. Bakamono jokes that he has wet himself with excitement over this arrival. Prostitutes call him a cutie as he passes. He says, "Hmmm. This job may have more than monetary rewards." Bran walks into a giant pointy earred suspender wearing devil faced giant man, telling him he should be more careful. Bran bluffs his way out of it and the giant man–elf laughs at Bran's humor, even though Bran wasn't trying to be funny. He claims he likes the small elf. Under the suspenders, the giant man wears no shirt. Bran doesn't like cities, every time he is in one, he gets lost and feels the only ones left here are the insane ones. Bran attacks little monsters that are attacking an old man and two page boys. Other guards and page boys are dragged into a filthy hole by the little monsters. Bran cuts several in half, takes the eye–heads off some, and kills many. The monsters try to drag Bran, the old man, and the two remaining page boys to the hole but the giant elf bounces a huge rock over the hole, helping them. The monsters run off into the night. Nendo, the witch sent the creatures. The creatures live beneath the city in tunnels. Koeta, the merchant wants to hire the giant and Bran, offering them more money. Bran accepts but the giant doesn't. As Bran walks off with the man and the two page boys, the giant feels he will see Bran again.