Elflord #2 Aircel, 1986, b&w.
1 Elflord #2 cover PART 1—Traveling past snakes and trees, the four find a small shack where a bearded, long haired elf is, an old man with a pipe. Once the boy gets his powers, he will have to remain with this man to be trained in the use of his new abilities. Windblade is called Windbag. The man tells Windblade the Sidhe are extinct and he gets woodsman clothing for the others——they are outlaws now. Anyone loyal to the king has been put in prison. Brolo needs a hanky (?). In the morning, they bid Windblade good bye but Purebreeze kisses him and promises him they will meet again. Windy knew the big goof would take the hat. Trolls sent by Doran attack. Hawk bloodies one, Purebreeze uses an arrow into the shoulder of another but he grabs at her downed form, pulling her hair. Hawk uses his sword on a troll's back, then throws his knife into the back of the troll attacking Purebreeze. Brolo calls himself Brolo the buoyant but his hat tip is cut off. More arrows from new elves finish the trolls. In furs, a blond elf and his troop arrive to join forces with them. Hawk knows him: most of this troop are squires, soldiers, pages, serfs and townsfolk from Greenhaven. The elves raise their swords when Hawk tells them there will be dark times ahead as they retake Greenhaven. The princess is being escorted back to the castle and Falcon will soon be executed.
PART 2—Below Kusachi Minato dwells mad witch Nendo and her small monster things as well as boys who push her and move her. A dog runs from her path. Nendo refers to herself, sometimes, as Nendo. Koeta's tavern: Bran, Koeta, and Father Bernhard talk. The small monsters who carried off half of Koeta's pages are called Gitchies. Nendo watches through a crystal ball. Two page boys bring the scepter of power. Nendo wants the scepter so that even Doran would bow down to her.
PART 3—Wuthersnike, an ugly troll wakes up a woman to get started since "the majesty" will have guests soon. An elf, named Pike comes into the barn. Pike gives her a glowing amulet. Cora tells Meg, the girl, to get back to work. Pike sees a squire. A geezer who arrived with the Princess, Lord Vanian, lost a brooch——the one given Meg. Vanian calls him back. The elf Pike seems cockney, at least in his accent. Wuthersnake goes to Doran who has an elf boy in a handing cage over a fire in a pit. Lord Vanian, wearing an eye patch over one eye reports to Doran. The princess has arrived. Doran plans to send a Shade or two to get the septre for him. Part 3 is by Yap.
Art by Barry Blair, Pat McEown, Guang Yap, Bruce Blair.