Elflord #3 Aircel, 1986, b&w.
1 Elflord #3 cover Executioner type trolls with axe spears and Doran go to a dungeon where, when Falcon answers them back instead of talking information to them, he is punched in the belly. The two twin boys with Falcon are taken away, Doran telling Falcon maybe he will hear their screams. Elves will die in the game and by other ways until Falcon talks. Hawk has on war paint and he, Brolo, and PureBreeze wait in the Great Forest near the castle. The wizard is teaching Windbag (as he calls the boy elf) to use his powers. Hawk in his leather tights goes to the princess to tell her the battle rages on for freedom and for her father. Purebreeze cuts the throat of a guard and she and Brolo go down steps. Purebreeze kicks trolls down just as the trolls (named Alf a Mo, Burt, and Arch?) play cards. One gets in a punch and is going to slice her throat but Brolo shoots an arrow into him and gets the keys. Brolo carries Falcon out. A large muscular man appears before them, a man with a sword and a pony tail, wearing shoulder armor and a loin cloth but not much else. Hawk shows up and fights this giant, a pleasure for both until...Hawk cuts the man's back and tells him, "I want you to give Doran a message for me...tell him I'll be back for him." Then as he pushes the giant warrior elf (his ears are pointed) back with his sword slicing, says, "Never mind," running his word up the front of his neck and out the back of his neck, "I'll tell him myself." Hawk says, "Now we can go home."
  Backup story: pages 1-13 of Windblade #1.

Dragonsbreath first half.
The WINDBLADE special number 1 story reprinted but stopped in the middle to be continued next issue. Barry writes a short intro which tells us to think of this tale as the adventures of Windblade's father––which leads us to believe that the first series and this one ARE in the same universe––only about Windy's and Hawk's fathers! The WINDBLADE Special cover is in the inside front cover to this issue. This issue's installment ends with the father of the boy that Windblade cut the upper arm off of swearing revenge.