Elflord #4 Aircel, 1986, b&w.
1 Elflord #4 cover Hawk leads the fur wearing Falcon, a short cut vest wearing Sparrow (who also wears a loin cloth and no shoes, no shirt under his vest), a dark haired elf wearing a short cut leather top, another fur wearing elf with dark hair and a head band, and another blond elf who is wearing a short cut tunic with no sleeves and no leg coverings except for a loin cloth. Purebreeze and Brolo wait outside with the rest of the elves, ready to attack when the drawbridge is lowered. Falcon and three others go to the gate. Hawk and Sparrow go to find the princess. Two jester page boys, blond, with half moons on their cheeks, tremble as Doran, their master, feels something wrong, the vibrations. Brolo has a "call to arms" and won't go in front of the lads even when Purebreeze tells him to go behind a tree. Falcon and the trio move toward the gatehouse but an archer fires an arrow into the dark haired elf without the headband. The arrow goes into his back and out his chest. Two guards let loose a whole packet of foot spikes, which cut the three when they run. The two burly guards and the jester page boy go investigate. Hawk and Sparrow block them. The jester tells the fools to kill them. Sparrow is quickly knocked aside but Hawk guts one and tells the other he is next. The other takes the jester and tosses him at Hawk, who ducks. The jester hits the brick wall with a loud krak! Hawk divides the head of the burly one. Sparrow tells Hawk, "Sorry." Hawk says, "It's alright, Sparrow." Two guards with swords come at the wounded Falcon and his two friends. One picks up a foot and threatens to cut it off. Falcon lurches forward and thrusts his sword into the bigger elf's stomach and out his back. The dying one gasps, "Uk!" The other one wearing fur gets the burly guard who is left from behind, cutting his throat as the blond puts a sword in the guard's upper belly, killing him. Falcon, crawls, dragging his feet, a line of blood trailing from the feet. He cuts the gate open and Purebreeze leads the attack. Another guard tells Hawk to halt outside of the princess's door. Hawk (whose face looks very elfin here) yells at him that he came for the princess, calling the bigger guard a dog, then he ducks from the guard's sword swing. Hawk puts his sword into the guard's belly, just about burying it up to the hilt, "Move!" Hawk kicks the door in and faces a giant Srith standing there with Doran, "Come in Erickson, we've been expecting you."

Art: Barry Blair, back cover: Tim McEown.
  Backup story first page Backup story: pages 14-end of Windblade #1 .

Dragonsbreath conclusion.
Windblade and Meeron are riding from their chasers. They come through the Box canyon, and Windblade makes the cliffs crumble.
Farther they cross the valley of the Dragon's Breath, filled with dense inflammable gases.
Windblade kills most of the foes, and eventually throw a burning arrow down the valley, and there go the last enemies.