Elflord #6 Aircel, 1986, b&w.
1 Elflord #6 cover Pencils: Barry Blair, inks: Craig Taillefer.

FAREWELL GREENHAVEN: Falcon and Purebreeze try to make Windy feel better about the others turning on him just because he is a wizard. Brolo tells Hawk, old buddy, he doesn't have to go. Hawk kisses Purebreeze but has to go to help Windy find his destiny as a wizard. Hawk tells Windblade that both of them are not the like the other elves. Windy says, "That's true..but I never wanted to say anything." Hawk thinks finding the wizard Efrian, who trained Windy might help since the wizard has the Moonstone. They find a naked boy frozen solid, actually turned into a tree. Hawk thinks he recalls hearing about this elf, Bran, who protected a magical scepter against evil forces. It seems he lost. Hawk and Windy find the wizard beheaded; his head talking to them just enough to warn them that no one can stop her...Nendo with her monster thing sitting on her back and her boys to pull her, comes through the door from the back, "What Nendo wants, Nendo gets!" Windblade sticks his tongue back out at the thing that sticks his tongue out at him. Nendo has the moonstone and kicks Windy as she is pulled through by her boys (one with a headband, another is blond, another younger looking). She falls on the blond one. She tries using the scepter, causing blasts. Nendo tries to fix the crushed boy and it makes him blow up to her size and float upward. She ties a rope to him. Nendo plans to eat Windblade so she can have his power and will sacrifice Hawk to demons. Later in a remote cavern of magic: earth, fire, water, and air mingle, Hawk is stripped to underwear and Windblade is also, both in a hanging bird cage. Little monsters try to toss Windblade into the cauldron and as he tries to jump out, one of the page boys puts the cover over him and it. Hawk tells Nendo that one of her demons has candy. She tries to get it. Her frenzy makes Hawk's cage fall who finds his swords and slices the top of a demon's head off. Windy comes out of the cauldron. As Hawk kills off more demon monsters of various shapes and sizes (and some with tentacles), Nendo makes her two boys freeze and makes them blow up and expand to the other boy and her own size. As she calls upon the full power of the scepter (saying HE—MAN—like, "I have the power!"), Hawk tosses a sword through her wrist, making her lose control. The demons tell her she disturbed their feast but they will dine on her flesh, which is plenty enough to feed them. The three boys float up as the demon forms cover Nendo. Hawk ushers Windy out, both running. Hawk tells Windy as Windy sits on the edge of a rocky mountain cliff, "Greenhaven and all its troubles are behind us now, Windblade. A new road awaits us..the road to our destiny." Windy says, "Somehow, I just know it will be full of wonders."
  Backup story first page Backup story: "Death Caller"by Gordon Derry; art by Dave Cooper:

At the borders of Elfheim, the dwarves live under constant threat of invasion from the trolls. Most savage of the trolls are the Redfist Clan. Two dwarf soldiers come seeking a weapon that a parchment tells them is a tool of destruction from another realm by the wizard Greylone, the world strider. Thorgrim (with a short cut shirt) and Sigurd (with a long ponytail) look for it entering by the left eye of Wodin's Mountain to find the passage. Legend says Greylone hid the death caller because its power might poison the world. They find an automatic machine gun gatling gun in a chest of Greylone's which says "Keep Your Greedy Paws off." Red fist trolls. Thorgrim drops the gun even after they scatter and it fires off rounds of bullets, killing the trolls and hitting Sigurd, too. Thorgrim cries heavily and claims the wizard was wise: better that all dwarves perish at the hands of the trolls than to unleash the hideous power of this weapon, "Our world is a better place without such weapons."