Sapphire #1 Aircel Comics, Feb 1990,b&w, Adult.
1 Sapphire #1 cover Sapphire and wizard Colin arrive at the Queen's private palace, both humans, both summoned by Narcissus, the high priestess. Bartlebee, a hunchback, lets them in. Narcissus will have to be reminded to flog Bartlebee later. He says thank you. The Queen wants Colin to use his love spell. Bartlebee takes Sapphire to strongman Mezler who is told by the Queen to take Bartlebee out for a good thrashing. Mezler tells her it will be his pleasure. The Queen has run out of stray pages and squires. Two are in her bed. She asks Sapphire if she cares to split a squire. Sapphire is from the borderlands and has dealt with the elvin people. Sapphire is a mercenary and the humans have been at war with the elves. The Queen wants to end this stupid war. A delegation of elves is on the way lead by a mystic white haired warrior named Ichi, advisor to King Bran. She wants her to meet the delegation and act as their guide. On her way out, Sapphire is asked to tell Mezler to hurry up with those squires. Days later, on a raft are blond haired elf Ivy, Turo, black haired Dao (whether or not the same Dao is not may or may not be), a black haired elf girl, a rafts boy named Willow with blond hair tied in pigtails, and Ichi who was resting. Ichi, emissary of the Elfin tour meets Sapphire. Sapphire's name is known in Greenhaven. She has heard of Ichi. Turo doesn't trust the bint. Narcissus makes Colin cast a love spell on the river while telling her blond hench manóboy Galen to get the others ready. The love spell affects all on the raft. Sapphire and Ichi make love. He tells her it is unnatural, something is controlling them. Sapphire figures it is Colin and grabs her sword. Two trolls are sneaking up from the water. Sapphire fights the trolls, ripping into one of them. One grabbed Dao. The raft overturns and dumps everyone into the sea. Narcissus has Ichi held by short haired Galen on a cliff bank overhead. She tells Sapphire that she was used to spring a trap. Narcissus and Galen do not want peace. The others will be put in the dungeon and Ichi will be held while the peace crumbles back into war.