Sapphire #2 Aircel, Mar 1990,b&w, Adult.
1 Sapphire #2 cover Narcissus has Sapphire, Ichi, and the black haired girl elf tied up in chairs. She also makes the wizard Colin cast a spell on Dao and Willow, casting two blond naked love cupids with arrows to fire at them. Bartlebee takes them to the Queen. They will not be able to tell her what happened. Greenhaven: a long haired elf boy takes Windblade Greensleeve to see King Bran, who is getting his bath by servants. Windblade is wearing a revealing costume (as is everyone in this series). It consists mostly of straps and wraps and a skimpy thong. Bran calls Windblade his old friend and tells him it is good to see him after ages. Windy says, "Thank you, King Bran." Bran asks Windy if he is still mad at him, after all he has on a long sad face. Bran asks Windy to contact Ichi. Windy will do it but it will be dangerous. Windy sits in a room with candles with Bran and two others, a dark hair and a blond. He tries to contact Ichi. Three old hags seem to come through and distract the elves. Windy must not break contact with Ichi. In the limbo, Windy's eyes turn white. Ichi is locked in a body cage, asking for help. A large faced human with a dripping nose tells Windy that Ichi is his. Windy comes back. Bran tells the guards, free from the spell, at Windy's arrival, to kill the vile hags. They do. Ichi is a captive of a great warlock. Colin asks Sapphire not to kill him if he sets her free. She calls him a traitor. He tells her he has to or he would have been killed. He is a self admitted coward. He has their things and all can escape. Narcissus and her master, a warlock named Plaguene want the war between humans and elves. The Queen knows nothing of this. She is a puppet. Sapphire thinks this time Colin is right: they must warn the elf people. They leave Willow and Dao to their fates. When Bartlebee and a page boy bring Dao and Willow to the Queen, she asks about the page boy, too. Bartlebee tells her the page boy is his. The page boy thought it was a lie but Bartlebee tells him it isn't. Galen and a buck toothed squire guard boy and another human boy are in the path of Sapphire's group. She says, "Galen, I'm going to enjoy sticking you." Squires with Galen draw bows. They need no dungeon guards, Galen demonstrates by lowering a cage door, locking even the two squires behind it. The black haired girl is Euki. A giant worm thing which is really phallic grabs up one squire and starts to undress him and kill him. Turo and Sapphire fight it with swords. It grabs one elf and tosses him down a chute. Turo gets taken and tells her to leave him and go. Sapphire won't leave him. The remaining Squire tells her about the torch. She burns the creature which lets Turo go. They run. Sapphire tells someone to bind up that Squire, a blond when his hood is removed. Colin and Euki find a tunnel out to a moat. Once free, Sapphire tells them they have a war to stop. The Squire seems excited about being tied up by Turo.