Sapphire #3 Aircel, Apr 1990,b&w, Adult.
1 Sapphire #3 cover Turo asks for their group to stop: they have been travelling for hours. Narcissus is a member of the Swamp Order. Her master Plaguene is in the Black Swamps near the mouth of Thunder River. Above Greenwood Forest, a zeppelin flies with Windblade and King Bran. Bald headed monk boy elves are on board as well as Purebreeze. They have a shipload of elfin warriors to attack the Queen to save the royal advisor Ichi. After talking to her through a crystal ball, Plaguene sends a tentacled monster to punish Narcissus for letting the others escape. Dao and Willow haven't the energy to escape from the now sleeping Queen. Elf assault gliders are ready to attack the Queen. They wear wing capes (shades of FLASH GORDON'S TRIP TO MARS serial), a neck collar, arm bands, leg bands, and a thong attached to the neck, and head caps. The humans use catapults. Some gliders' wing capes are filled with holes. Some smack into each other. Some fall out of the sky. A few get through and land on the roof tops, only to encounter barb wire, spikes, and traps. But some get through and engage the humans on the walls. One glider is a girl elf with blond hair and she looks a bit like Purebreeze. Humans die under elves. A few elves seemed downed by human guards. Sapphire and Turo seem to be in love. Turo is probably twice her age...elf time is measured differently than human age. Sapphire asks, "Like doggies?" NOTE: That dogs age twice as fast as humans is not really a fact. Colin uses his magical fingers to make love to Euki his way. Windy senses no surviving humans in the Keep. Thinking it excellent that there are no human survivors, Bran tells them to see to their wounded. The girl elf glider is in barb wire. A cat boy wearing a thong bag tied to a string around his neck calls Bran. They see a crystal. It means Plaguene knows they are here. After dark, the Sapphire group moves on. Euki loves Colin now. Colin senses something evil in the glen now...he thinks it has Ivy...a Srith emerges from the glen!