Sapphire #4 Aircel, May 1990,b&w, Adult.
P Sapphire #4 cover The Srith has Ivy tie up the human (hands behind back and roped from them to his neck from behind) while the others are chained. Srith takes them all to the mine. There, human slaves are being traded to the Srith by a muscular man with a ponytail. Turo is whacked in the head when he wonders if they will see a female Srith. Colin gets Euki to be taken with him to the Sshaman as his familiar, lying that he transformed her from a cat. In the newly conquered Border Keep, Bran is making plans but Windy tells him he should leave a garrison here and go to find Ichi. Bran guesses he should think about the humans who might want this place back. Bran has been looking at the captives the guards found in the land around this area. Humans fascinate him. Windy puts a hand on his shoulder but sticks his tongue out at him, telling him he cannot allow Elfin blood to be spilled just because he likes humans groping him in the bath. Windy leaves Bran to think about it. Looking at the humans (males it would seem), Bran tells his guards to find him a bathtub. The human captive asks Turo what he thinks servants do..serve drinks. Turo asks, "You're a farmboy, aren't you, human?" They are brought to a Srith who is painting on humans. He paints a flower, a rose on Turo's right butt cheek. The Srith wonders about what color to paint the nipples. While the Srith and his other human female captives are busy, Turo tries to get the human loose from his bonds. Turo, his hands tied, escapes. The human tells the Srith he likes purple. The Queen continues to tire Willow and Dao, using various methods. This makes Dao recall Bran's sister who used to beat her pages with a riding crop. While they take about her, the Queen, whom they thought was asleep, listens. Bran's sister also used to parade the pages around in humiliating costumes. A slave master and a female slave masterņOverseers, are on the lookout for an escaped slave party boy. The female asks, "What is he gonna do, lick me to death?" In small cages are humans who see Turo. One in the middle, a boy named Bryon, touches Turo's chest. Turo runs out, wishing he could help them all. Humans and elves are not permitted to look upon a female Srith but Turo runs into one in a chamber with masked human slave girls and men. A four armed Srith asks Colin to show him how to shoot fireballs from its fingertips but Colin tells it he doesn't know how to do that one. The Overseer is holding a boy on a leash. Sapphire is given a hammer tool to work in the mine but she picks it up over the Overseer's head. A husband arrives to the female Srith where Turo is. The Keep: Windy goes to Purebreeze, catching her in bed with a cat boy; she asks Windy if he would like a turn. He thinks about it but declines. They need to talk about Bran. Colin has taught the Srith to use a love spell. The Srith masked slaves stop Turo from escaping but Colin uses magic to reunite part of their party.