Sapphire #5 Aircel, Jun 1990,b&w, Adult.
1 Sapphire #5 cover While Colin and Euki are brought before the Dread King of the Sriths, Turo finds slave guards on Sapphire and pulls them off of her, fighting them. He kicks one in the neck. They take disguises˝˝Turo gets to be the pet. Windy and Purebreeze find Bran taking a bath while humans scrub him. An elf watches. Windy insults Bran about his baths and Bran says, "I heard that, Windbrain. I know that you just miss Turo." He allows Purebreeze to take a rescue party out and tells her to take Windy with him...he's getting on Bran's nerves. Windy says, "I hope it shrivels up in his bath." From behind, Bran makes faces at Windy, "Gay˝blade." Windy thinks about turning Bran into something stupid. Deep beneath the summer palace of the Queen human, Plaguene contacts Narcissus again. Ichi is with him and bent over rods, in and out and around, with his ankles in metal collars and tied together. The Queen is coming out for once and shows off her new unusual and revealing costumes for Dao and Willow. The serving boy arrives with breakfast for the Queen whom Narcissus convinces to stay inside while Narscissus shows off the two pets Dao and Willow. The Queen tells the serving boy to drop those tights. Narcissus asks which of them is giving the Queen ideas; then kisses Dao and pulls his tongue far out of his mouth, elongating it. A female slave guard has a female pet and tells Turo and Sapphire that they have a new female elf girl with a sucky attitude in the punishment room. Turo and Sapphire realize this is Ivy. Prince Puddinhead, a Grombel raider and warrior converses with Ivy while a troll male and a blond elf boy are chained to the wall with their arms up. Puddin gets down from his chain. He gets the overseer to come back in and kicks him between the legs and gets the key. Sapphire arrives. When Puddin sees Turo he calls him a party boy and likes Turo's tattoo on his bum. Turo calls him a Gremlin. A Srith arrives to take them to the Srith king. A human boy (Galen?) has Willow and Dao on a leash. Bartlebee tells him to take them for a walk after he already promised he was going to beat them and let the blond boy watch. Bartlebee tells him to walk them and maybe he will beat him later. The boy says, "Yeah, sure, after he tires himself out on the prisoners. Right." Dao and Willow punch him. They jump into a watery area. Purebreeze and Windy are the only two in the rescue party. Windy is happy Bran isn't with them, "He's such a jerk." Bran arrives, "That's king jerk to you, Windchime." Bran puts his arm around Windblade, telling him his castle, the army, his bath slaves will keep until they return. Til then, he is simply Bran searching for his friends. .