Sapphire #6 Aircel, Jul 1990,b&w, Adult.
1 Sapphire #6 cover Srith king tells Turo, Ivy, Sapphire, and Puddin that they are nothing but trouble. Despite Colin's attempts to stop it, they will be taken to the Kludge. Puddin says, "Bummer." In a pit is a many tentacled thing with three or more eyes. The Kludge. Naked, Dao and Willow are lost in a dry looking forest. Once they were out of Narcissus's sphere of influence, Dao's tongue is back to normal and he can talk again. Willow can't move his feet suddenly. Windy, Purebreeze, and Bran come along and Windy tells Purebreeze to just kiss them. This makes them able to move again. Purebreeze slaps the broad side of her sword against Dao's backside, asking him where the others are. Dao asked Bran to forgive him for their failure. Bran tells Windy they need to use his magic to contact Ichi again. Dao and Willow will assist him since they know Sapphire. In a mistake, Bran says to Windy, "Very well, then, we must use your magic to find this. Sapphire, can you do it?" It should have read, "Very well, then, we must use your magic to find this Sapphire. Can you do it?" Euki pushes the Srith into the pit as the others are already in it, fighting the Kludge whose tentacles enter them. When Euki wants Colin to blast the Srith guards, Colin tells her he can't make a mosquito fart. Euki jumps in. Windy, Purebreeze, Willow, Bran, and Dao kneel and hold hands. They open a door and the others come piling out of the pit. Puddin comes out ontop of Windy as the door closes. Human's castle: the blond human boy is being gagged and tied with a ball in his mouth by the Queen for letting her pets get away. Narcissus kisses the blond when the Queen leaves, mad at him at first that he let the pets get away for now the Queen will be all over the castle. Plaguene calls her. He tells them the others have escaped and may well rescue Ichi if they get through the swamp. Plaguene makes the toy boy free of his bonds. Narcissus's toy boy will go with her. Windy and Turo sit back to back, naked, Windy sucking on a stem. He tells Turo that something always comes up with them. Euki is mad that Colin isn't the wizard she thought he was. He still pleases her. Purebreeze tells Bran to pretend his left hand is someone elseññto please himself. She leaves him. Dao and Ivy reunited. She wonders where the putty Puddin is. He is banzaiñing at her bottom.