Sapphire #7 Aircel, Sep 1990,b&w, Adult.
R Sapphire #7 cover Bran had brought along some elfin gold to buy clothes for the gang. They are now at a small inn at the edge of the Black Swamp. A human called Alf and another watch the gang. Windy picks up a harp. Turo asks, "Oh no! Windy, what are you doing with that?" He is going to sing. Ivy says, "Good grief." Sapphire asks what is wrong with his singing. Windy sings Hey Nonny, Hey new and Shooby Do Do, Lalalalalaaaaaa Do. Sapphire makes one of the humans bothering her...stop. The landlord, preparing the roast, at first, doesn't like Windy's singing but when he hears the yell the human gives, he doesn't think the harmony is half bad. Bran, Puddin, Euki, Colin, Willow, and Purebreeze are in the swamp, glad they are not listening to Windy sing. The group's job is to find the far side of Plaguene's fortress so as to provide a second attack when the others attack the other side. "Puddin, a noble warrior, puddin, a Grombel warrior, Puddin, the guide...." Bran says, Puddin' the lost." Bran seems to throw a fit (and his costume has to be seen to be believed!). Puddin, despite nagging from Bran and braggart claims from himself finds a castle fortress. The clawed hand of Plaguene passes over Ichi's bare stomach. Ichi is naked and shackled on a slab. Plaguene can sense other wizards and wants hate all around. He can't have peace. He stirs a cauldron and from it come dark, black dinoˇdragon monsters. These, he calls Wraiths to find and destroy Windblade. Windy wonders if the rotten eggs the audience threw at him will ever come out of his shirt. Turo tells Sapphire he will be fine..."I think he's getting used to it." Windy and Turo mess around on their bed. Sapphire comes to see if they are all right and tells them to get some sleep. They say, "We'll try." Dao wonders why Ivy hears noises every time they start to make love. Dao goes to check to see if it is Windblade and Turo and if so he will kill them (expression only). He says, "Why can't they like girls or at least do it quietly." He is taken by Wraith monsters and yells. Windy is under Turo, "Yeow! Listen to Ivy next door." Turo is on top of Windy, both naked, "Girls are so noisy when they do it." Sapphire fights the Wraith creatures. Windy is up with a sheet around him. He tells Sapphire they are after him (and he has his hand under the sheet near and under his stomach?!). He concentrates and goes with the things. Ivy tells Sapphire the other creature has vanished with Dao. Plaguene has them.