Sapphire #8 Aircel, Oct 1990,b&w, Adult.
R Sapphire #8 cover Topless, Sapphire, Turo, and Ivy look for Dao and Windblade in the Dark Swamp around Plaguene's castle. Bran makes his charge with his group (Colin, Purebreeze, Euki, and Willow). Bran and they fight and hack at troll monsters to save their lives as they enter the castle. Colin says, "Fighting, always fighting. Why can't everyone just get along?" Colin blames Sapphire for getting him mixed up with a bunch of beastly elves. Plaguene goes to his torture chamber where he has Dao, Windy, and Ichi hanging stomach down by their wrists and ankles. He inspects Dao's naked body, "This one seems to be enjoying it." Indeed Dao looks like his body is having an enjoyable reaction. Dao tries to tell the wizard that he isn't even a wizard. Plaguene tells him that his devices will be used to suck the powers out of the two wizards, giving him fun but he will roast Dao. A troll˝dwarf with eyes that extend out warns him that an elf raiding party has attacked. The dungeon is enchanted so Windy and Ichi (faces never drawn better) cannot use their powers until they get out of it. Turo tells Sapphire that he hopes this works, "If anything happens to Windy..." Behind Turo, Ivy, and Sapphire is a large toad˝armadillo thing with horns all over it and spikes. Other monsters are in the main hall being attacked by Bran and Purebreeze as Plaguene is guiding the monsters to stop them. Euki bids Colin to use his magic. Colin's magic is for love˝˝he is a good wizard. Puddin is near a large wooden door. He finds the three boys and unties them. Dao won't creep out the back door as Puddin suggests. Windy and Ichi want to leave the dungeon first so their powers will return. Then they can help the others. Plaguene blocks their way, telling them he loves hate, fear and lives on both of them. He cannot do without pain, suffering, war. It is his very being. Sapphire jumps into him, kicking and tells him to blow it out his ear. Willow tells her to quite fooling around with the old fossil˝˝the toad thing is still coming. While Plaguene fights Sapphire, Ichi and Windy are out of the dungeon and tell him so. Plaguene says, "Oh boy." He runs past the monster but the boys zap the giant horned spiked thing. They smile as the other elves and Sapphire are in awe. Turo is behind Windy and holding the wizard's chest. Ichi figures Plaguene will hide for awhile and perhaps hatch a new plan. Plaguene's followers will go now that he is gone. Sapphire sighs that it is handy having magical elves around sometimes. EPILOGUE: The Inn: Sapphire asks Puddin if he knocks before coming into a door (she is with Dao) but Willow tells them after what they have been through he doubts that anything would come as a shock. Colin comes in and tells them that Bran, Purebreeze, Ivy, Windblade, Turo, and Euki have left. Willow tells Colin to cheer up. Dao tells him that Sapphire is their leader..a band of mercenaries. Euki surprises Colin by entering the door, telling him he is a silly old toad thinking she would leave. Colin says, "Alright, together forever. What wonderful adventures we'll await us all." Euki tells him, "We'll face them together." Sapphire says, "Right. But first thing tomorrow. Now get out of my room." EPILOGUE 2: Narcissus and Plaguene plot to kill Sapphire.