Sapphire #9 Aircel, Nov 1990,b&w, Adult.
P Sapphire #9 cover Sapphire, Dao, Willow, Puddin, and Euki escape the rain to an old Keep. An old man lets them in, telling them the Baron seldom has visitors. Sapphire wonders if Dao would rather be a pampered castle rat as he was before or the squire of a warrior maid. Colin seems skinnier and also seems not to be enjoying his magical love to Euki, "Ho hum." Willow, a page, complains it is not fair that he has to wait on all of them while they eat. Sapphire tells the Baron that they are on the borderlands since finishing their mission. They are looking for employment. Baron tells them about the spooks here and tells them it is best not to leave their rooms at night. Willow tells Puddin he is scared as lightning cracks that night. Puddin tells him one place is much like other. He makes Willow feel better. Willow hugs him and thanks him. Colin has the midnight horrors but Euki thinks it is just all the food he ate. Colin doesn't think she should joke and bets Sapphire is on guard next door. She isn't. Dao will sleep a week. Another lightning crash and a boom makes Willow jump up and he needs Puddin's bravery. He asks where Puddin is. Under the bed we see Puddin's eyes. Willow takes his sword, telling Puddin they are both brave warriors and must face the somethings lurking outside. He comes face to face with a man. All three scream. Willow and Puddin pass out. Dao and Sapphire hear the scream and run out with their swords. The Baron is there, having turned into something big and monstrous. He is possessed. Dao jumps ontop of Baron. The Baron stops Dao by squeezing a delicate part of his torso! Colin and Euki come in. Colin says, "Oh excuse us." Sapphire says, "Colin, you idiot." Dao holds himself, "Help her." Colin makes the Baron get up and go into the hall. Baron yells not in the hall, he fears the ghosts. The ghosts of all those he has used and abused who want revenge. Another blast and Baron screams. EPILOGUE: They kept dry last night. No sleep but dry. Sapphire tells them they did keep dry, made love, and Dao got his nuts squeezed by a maniac. "Our adventures seem to be off to a good start." She hugs Dao who looks mad.