. Sapphire: The City of Sun #1
Friendly Comics, Jan 1992,b&w, Adult.
1 Sapphire: The City of Sin #1 cover Sapphire, a Gremlin (Puddin?), and an elf boy called Lin are trying to rescue a princess taken by trolls in a cave. They pass a rocky closed in area which Puddin and Lin don't like. A troll attacks. Lin attacks it as it attacks Sapphire but the long haired elf is grabbed by each arm. Sapphire cleaves its head which turns on the Gremlin. Lin finds the troll cave. The Gremlin uses the phrase bummer just like Puddin used to. He calls Sapphire a brave girl. Lin says, "Or stupid pumpie." They see a light in the cave and find a troll giant with the princess, making love over a log. Sapphire runs at him but is knocked down. An eye (of his?) comes out of a box which opens and rolls at Sapphire. Lin attacks the troll. The eye shows a wizard who thinks Sapphire is perfect. The troll giant that Lin attacks has his sword arm. Sapphire tells Lin to forget it as she sticks it in the back and out its chest. Lin tells her, "I could have killed him." Sapphire says, "Right, elf." The Gremlin undoes the princess but she is not grateful since she was having a good time! All she has had was little elf pee pees but she wants the trolls now. Sapphire is teleported and the princess knows that is what has happened. She lands on a carpet where that wizard is, smiling to use her in his own way. Puddin finds the eye orb. When Lin says Sapphire must have been spirited away, the Princess asks if all elves are so stupid. The wizard want to have Sapphire filled with is magic power. Puddin and Lin find a magic mirror. The wizard wants to make Sapphire his love slave and will keep her forever. She kicks off him and enters the mirror, leaving. She wants to stay back where she was. END.