Unpublished #1 1999, colour, unpublished, Adult
S Sample page #1 A tentative? series of which 10 pages were (2000/12) on sale at eBay). Without words, so the plot described thereafter is more of a guessÖ

Sapphire and her dark-haired girlfriend visit a magic store. Staff is the owner, an horrible victous-looking fat man, and his helpress, a young girl.
He offers an old wooden box, along with a rascalous wink and a sound paw to his helpress.

Back home, Sapphire and her girlfriend strip to experiment the instrument inside the box, which looks like a huge golden dildo.
While they are in with it, the shop owner is down the street shouting (?) encouragements.

When Sapphire puts an end to her usage of the device, there is a huge blast and she vanished, leaving behind her girlfriend, black from the explosion.

Along with the explicitness of the situation, there is sound amount of derision and humour!