Elflord: The Return Mad Monkey Press, 1996, colour.
1 Elflord: The Return cover by Barry Blair and Colin Chan.

A MARVELOUS issue. Drawings and colours are as sweet, brilliant and pleasant than the plot.
Little blue haired, green eyed elf Hawk Erickson has had many years on the endless ocean. From a galleon, an arrow hits his smaller sailboat, both ships in a storm. On it are small elves with pony tails, pigtails, and one who has white hair. Hawk whispers prayers to the Great Spirit to get him through. Morning: the typhoon is over and the storm continues its tirade over the horizon of Pangia. Hawk sees a gull and wears a hat. Hawk lands on an island, looking for things he can salvage for trade. Bushido Dwarfs ride on elves' backs as if they are horses and the elves have riding gear hoods on. The elves from the galleon are captured. Hawk sees a sack hanging from a tree...a sack that is moving. He opens it and four panda bears come out and thanks him. The dwarfs eat their kind. A Bushido comes and they run. Arrows fire after Hawk but his boat is out at sea already. He gets cut off by Bushido's on elf back. Hawk dives and gets to his boat. Two birds squaak at him. He didn't think he would make it and laughs that the birds probably didn't think he would either. Feathers keeps him company as he leaves the island and it is night. Then Feathers flies off. Hawk spends days at sea but then enters the Elfin Empire of Greenhaven. It has been a long time since he was here. He almost fears the crowds now and has a strange feeling. He wonders if Moonshine Tavern is on Shore Road. An elf boy, loin cloth wearing only, plays with a toy doll with an old man putting his hand on the boy's shoulder. A monk welcomes Hawk and he is lost––his name is Toomiestrom Khamaschoothrah but Hawk may call him Toomai. He is bald and carries an umbrella. They go to the tavern and ask a naked waiter boy elf (who does have on an apron) for a table. The last place to be sacked the Monk boy tells him was Cathay. A dragon ship some say is run by Ghouls does the attacking. It is said to spit fireballs. The Emperor of Greenhaven has a secret weapon though...a Sidhe boy on his way here. The waiter sees Hawk's wares which includes a medallion his son had (also includes a round Yin–Yang Samurai symbol). Guards in green take them to the Emperor. Nice pastoral scene of color as kids fly kites, put their feet in the water near a waterfall which moves below the Palace. Others fan the Emperor. Mandarin Lao Lin is most trusted and tells the Emperor about Hawk and Toomai. The typhoon is called the curse of the Dragon's Breath. Hawk tells what happened. Kids in pink outfits hold a monkey and a white cat. Hawk tells his people were artisans and scholars, he being the last of them. The dragonship of brigands were lead by a Master Khan, Ravenclaw. Hawk's teacher herded him to the dock just before his island and its city were destroyed by fire. The old man and Hawk were all that were left. NOTE: The teacher left other boys that were with Hawk near a bridge. Nice guy. Toomai will be killed if Hawk does not return. Hawk will come back he says. Hawk will get the Sidhe back. Feathers lands on hishead when he returns to the isle. In his shorts, Hawk dives again and passes Hammerhead fish and other fish. Two panda bears, Me and He come out and scare Hawk by mistake. With them is a sniffing squirrel called Me Too. The Island King knows where the dwarf caverns are. They take Hawk to the Island King a yellowish gorilla being. He tells Hawk the dwarfs come from nothing long ago. He also tells him to take a tunnel behind him and follow the turn on the side of his sword hand. He feels warm air from in the cavern...the pandas tell him their world is alive. Hawk hears music and crawls through tunnels which go lower and lower. He sees sleeping elf boys in tattered shorts. Windblade Greensleeve dances for a fat giant elf who looks Japanese like a Sumo wrestler. Other boys watch. One plays a horn. The dance makes everyone fall asleep and dream of a dance. Windblade sleeps too and sucks his thumb. Hawk slips over other and wakes him up. Hawk pushes Windy by the butt as the guards and Master wake up. He also pinches the nose of the Master, "Meep! Meep!" Smaller Dwarfs follow but the pandas found the place of loose rocks told to them by their king. They drop rocks on the dwarfs and seal up a passage. Windblade tells them his name. He wears a navel ring–ring attached by chain to a ring around his neck via necklace. Hanging from the ring in his belly button is a tunic. Windblade tells them it feels good to be free. Hawk feels good too now that Windblade is with him. Windblade thanks the panda bears and the Squirrel. They leave to go to Greenhaven.